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Air France Air-France

Air France is a leading Europe based airline providing long haul flights from the UK and Ireland - and also a large number of direct flights to France. It covers over 187 destinations worldwide in some 84 countries and currently servers over 70 direct flights from Ireland and the UK each day - mainly between London and Paris.

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Domestic Air France flights within France?

From To
Ajaccio, FranceFrance Paris, France
Bastia, FranceFrance Paris, France
Biarritz, FranceFrance Marseille, France
Biarritz, FranceFrance Paris, France
Bordeaux, FranceFrance Lyon, France
Bordeaux, FranceFrance Marseille, France
Bordeaux, FranceFrance Nice, France
Bordeaux, FranceFrance Paris, France
Brest, FranceFrance Marseille, France
Brest, FranceFrance Paris, France
Calvi, FranceFrance Paris, France
Clermont Ferrand, FranceFrance Paris, France
Lille, FranceFrance Lyon, France
Lille, FranceFrance Marseille, France
Lille, FranceFrance Nice, France
Lyon, FranceFrance Bordeaux, France
Lyon, FranceFrance Lille, France
Lyon, FranceFrance Marseille, France
Lyon, FranceFrance Nice, France
Lyon, FranceFrance Paris, France
Lyon, FranceFrance Toulouse, France
Marseille, FranceFrance Biarritz, France
Marseille, FranceFrance Bordeaux, France
Marseille, FranceFrance Brest, France
Marseille, FranceFrance Lille, France
Marseille, FranceFrance Lyon, France
Marseille, FranceFrance Nantes, France
Marseille, FranceFrance Paris, France
Marseille, FranceFrance Rennes, France
Marseille, FranceFrance Toulouse, France
Montpellier, FranceFrance Paris, France
Mulhouse, FranceFrance Paris, France
Nantes, FranceFrance Marseille, France
Nantes, FranceFrance Paris, France
Nice, FranceFrance Bordeaux, France
Nice, FranceFrance Lille, France
Nice, FranceFrance Lyon, France
Nice, FranceFrance Paris, France
Nice, FranceFrance Strasbourg, France
Paris, FranceFrance Ajaccio, France
Paris, FranceFrance Bastia, France
Paris, FranceFrance Biarritz, France
Paris, FranceFrance Bordeaux, France
Paris, FranceFrance Brest, France
Paris, FranceFrance Calvi, France
Paris, FranceFrance Clermont Ferrand, France
Paris, FranceFrance Lyon, France
Paris, FranceFrance Marseille, France
Paris, FranceFrance Montpellier, France
Paris, FranceFrance Mulhouse, France
Paris, FranceFrance Nantes, France
Paris, FranceFrance Nice, France
Paris, FranceFrance Pau, France
Paris, FranceFrance Perpignan, France
Paris, FranceFrance Strasbourg, France
Paris, FranceFrance Toulouse, France
Pau, FranceFrance Paris, France
Perpignan, FranceFrance Paris, France
Rennes, FranceFrance Marseille, France
Strasbourg, FranceFrance Nice, France
Strasbourg, FranceFrance Paris, France
Toulouse, FranceFrance Lyon, France
Toulouse, FranceFrance Marseille, France
Toulouse, FranceFrance Paris, France

Regional Air France flights within Europe?

From To
Lyon, FranceNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marseille, FranceGreece Athens, Greece
Marseille, FranceSwitzerland Basel, Switzerland
Marseille, FranceDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Marseille, FranceGermany Dusseldorf, Germany
Marseille, FranceNetherlands Eindhoven, Netherlands
Marseille, FranceTurkey Istanbul, Turkey
Marseille, FranceItaly Milan, Italy
Marseille, FranceRussia Moscow, Russia
Marseille, FranceCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Paris, FranceNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paris, FranceGreece Athens, Greece
Paris, FranceSpain Barcelona, Spain
Paris, FranceSerbia Belgrade, Serbia
Paris, FranceGermany Berlin, Germany
Paris, FranceSwitzerland Berne, Switzerland
Paris, FranceSpain Bilbao, Spain
Paris, FranceDenmark Billund, Denmark
Paris, FranceUK Birmingham, UK
Paris, FranceItaly Bologna, Italy
Paris, FranceUK Bristol, UK
Paris, FranceRomania Bucharest, Romania
Paris, FranceHungary Budapest, Hungary
Paris, FranceGermany Cologne, Germany
Paris, FranceDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Paris, FranceIreland Dublin, Ireland
Paris, FranceGermany Dusseldorf, Germany
Paris, FranceGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Paris, FranceSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Paris, FranceGermany Hamburg, Germany
Paris, FranceTurkey Istanbul, Turkey
Paris, FranceUkraine Kiev, Ukraine
Paris, FranceGermany Leipzig Halle, Germany
Paris, FrancePortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Paris, FranceSlovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia
Paris, FranceUK London, UK
Paris, FranceSpain Madrid, Spain
Paris, FranceUK Manchester, UK
Paris, FranceItaly Milan, Italy
Paris, FranceRussia Moscow, Russia
Paris, FranceGermany Munich, Germany
Paris, FranceItaly Naples Capodichno, Italy
Paris, FranceUK Newcastle, UK
Paris, FranceNorway Oslo, Norway
Paris, FranceItaly Pisa, Italy
Paris, FranceCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Paris, FranceItaly Rome, Italy
Paris, FranceBulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
Paris, FranceRussia St. Petersburg, Russia
Paris, FranceSweden Stockholm, Sweden
Paris, FranceGermany Stuttgart, Germany
Paris, FranceItaly Turin, Italy
Paris, FranceItaly Venice, Italy
Paris, FranceAustria Vienna, Austria
Paris, FrancePoland Warsaw, Poland
Paris, FranceArmenia Yerevan, Armenia
Paris, FranceCroatia Zagreb, Croatia

International destinations for Air France?

From To
Lyon, FranceTunisia Tunis, Tunisia
Marseille, FranceAlgeria Algiers, Algeria
Marseille, FranceLebanon Beirut, Lebanon
Marseille, FranceMorocco Casablanca, Morocco
Marseille, FranceTunisia Tunis, Tunisia
Nice, FranceTunisia Tunis, Tunisia
Paris, FranceIvory Coast Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Paris, FranceUnited Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Paris, FranceAlgeria Algiers, Algeria
Paris, FranceJordan Amman, Jordan
Paris, FranceMadagascar Antananarivo, Madagascar
Paris, FranceUnited States Atlanta, United States
Paris, FranceMali Bamako, Mali
Paris, FranceIndia Bangalore, India
Paris, FranceThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Paris, FranceChina Beijing, China
Paris, FranceLebanon Beirut, Lebanon
Paris, FranceColombia Bogota, Colombia
Paris, FranceCongo Brazzaville, Congo
Paris, FranceArgentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paris, FranceEgypt Cairo, Egypt
Paris, FranceMexico Cancun, Mexico
Paris, FranceSouth Africa Cape Town, South Africa
Paris, FranceVenezuela Caracas, Venezuela
Paris, FranceMorocco Casablanca, Morocco
Paris, FranceBenin Cotonou, Benin
Paris, FranceIndia Delhi, India
Paris, FranceCameroon Douala, Cameroon
Paris, FranceUnited Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Paris, FranceMartinique Ft De France, Martinique
Paris, FranceChina Guangzhou, China
Paris, FranceCuba Havana, Cuba
Paris, FranceVietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Paris, FranceChina Hong Kong, China
Paris, FranceUnited States Houston, United States
Paris, FranceSaudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Paris, FranceSouth Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Paris, FranceNigeria Lagos, Nigeria
Paris, FranceGabon Libreville, Gabon
Paris, FrancePeru Lima, Peru
Paris, FranceUnited States Logan, United States
Paris, FranceTogo Lome, Togo
Paris, FranceUnited States Los Angeles, United States
Paris, FranceAngola Luanda, Angola
Paris, FranceMauritius Mauritius, Mauritius
Paris, FranceMexico Mexico City, Mexico
Paris, FranceUnited States Miami, United States
Paris, FranceCanada Montreal, Canada
Paris, FranceIndia Mumbai, India
Paris, FranceChad N Djamena, Chad
Paris, FranceUnited States New York, United States
Paris, FranceNiger Niamey, Niger
Paris, FranceMauritania Nouackchott, Mauritania
Paris, FranceUnited States Orlando, United States
Paris, FranceJapan Osaka, Japan
Paris, FranceBurkina Faso Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Paris, FranceGuadeloupe Pointe A Pitre, Guadeloupe
Paris, FranceCongo Pointe Noire, Congo
Paris, FranceMorocco Rabat, Morocco
Paris, FranceBrazil Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Paris, FranceSaudi Arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Paris, FranceUnited States San Francisco, United States
Paris, FranceChile Santiago, Chile
Paris, FranceDominican Republic Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Paris, FranceBrazil Sao Paulo, Brazil
Paris, FranceSouth Korea Seoul, South Korea
Paris, FranceChina Shanghai, China
Paris, FranceSingapore Singapore, Singapore
Paris, FranceReunion St. Denis, Reunion
Paris, FranceIsrael Tel Aviv, Israel
Paris, FranceJapan Tokyo, Japan
Paris, FranceCanada Toronto, Canada
Paris, FranceTunisia Tunis, Tunisia
Paris, FranceUnited States Washington, United States
Paris, FranceCameroon Yaounde, Cameroon
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