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Mini-Guide To Turin

Turin is a little known gem in Italy's crown. It is a centre for business as well as industry and culture and has a population of just under 1 million people. Yet many visitors and travellers do not think of going to Turin, which is a great pity, because this really is a city which has a lot to offer. It has been settled in one way or another, since Roman times and has long been a place which has been important in terms of religion and culture.

Local Airports In Turin

Perhaps it is most famous for the Shroud of Turin, which is reputed to be the cloth which covered Jesus after he was crucified and placed in his grave. The shroud is housed in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist and it is said to contain the image of Jesus. No one knows the truth of whether it is an image of Jesus or even if it is the cloth which covered him, but it is an interesting sight and it is a very powerful symbol to many people. The Palazzo Reale is also a must see'. It is a former palace which was created for Christine Marie of France and has the most amazing collection of Egyptian artefacts. There are various other palaces and historic buildings to be seen in this most elegant of cities and there is a real sense of just how culturally important this city has been and indeed continues to be. Interestingly, Turin is also the birthplace of solid chocolate and chocolate is quite big' in Turin, so chocaholics will be well impressed with this city! So make sure you visit this very cultural city and with its own airport, with flights operated by British Airways and EasyJet, it really is very accessible for everyone.

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