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Founded by Stelios in the mid 1990's, Easyjet is Europe's largest lowcost airline with over 120 aircraft and carrying over 33 million passengers each year. Easyjet's distinctive orange branding is common across many of the airports in the UK, and they are based at London Luton airport and serving over 289 destinations across Europe from Inverness to Casablanca and Lisbon to Istanbul. Easyjet is the number one cheap flights airline in Europe.

Reservations: 0870 6 000 000

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Domestic Easyjet flights within UK?

From To
Aberdeen, UKUK London, UK
Belfast, UKUK Bristol, UK
Belfast, UKUK Edinburgh, UK
Belfast, UKUK Glasgow, UK
Belfast, UKUK Liverpool, UK
Belfast, UKUK London, UK
Belfast, UKUK Manchester, UK
Belfast, UKUK Newcastle, UK
Bristol, UKUK Belfast, UK
Bristol, UKUK Edinburgh, UK
Bristol, UKUK Glasgow, UK
Bristol, UKUK Inverness, UK
Bristol, UKUK Newcastle, UK
Edinburgh, UKUK Belfast, UK
Edinburgh, UKUK Bristol, UK
Edinburgh, UKUK London, UK
Glasgow, UKUK Belfast, UK
Glasgow, UKUK Bristol, UK
Glasgow, UKUK London, UK
Inverness, UKUK Bristol, UK
Inverness, UKUK London, UK
Isle of Man, UKUK Liverpool, UK
Jersey, UKUK Liverpool, UK
Liverpool, UKUK Belfast, UK
Liverpool, UKUK Isle of Man, UK
Liverpool, UKUK Jersey, UK
London, UKUK Aberdeen, UK
London, UKUK Belfast, UK
London, UKUK Edinburgh, UK
London, UKUK Glasgow, UK
London, UKUK Inverness, UK
Manchester, UKUK Belfast, UK
Newcastle, UKUK Belfast, UK
Newcastle, UKUK Bristol, UK

Regional Easyjet flights within Europe?

From To
Belfast, UKSpain Alicante, Spain
Belfast, UKNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Belfast, UKSpain Barcelona, Spain
Belfast, UKPortugal Faro, Portugal
Belfast, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Belfast, UKPoland Krakau, Poland
Belfast, UKSpain Malaga, Spain
Belfast, UKMalta Malta, Malta
Belfast, UKFrance Paris, France
Birmingham, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Birmingham, UKFrance Grenoble, France
Bristol, UKSpain Alicante, Spain
Bristol, UKNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bristol, UKSpain Barcelona, Spain
Bristol, UKGermany Berlin, Germany
Bristol, UKPortugal Faro, Portugal
Bristol, UKSpain Fuerteventura, Spain
Bristol, UKPortugal Funchal, Portugal
Bristol, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Bristol, UKFrance Grenoble, France
Bristol, UKAustria Innsbruck, Austria
Bristol, UKPoland Krakau, Poland
Bristol, UKFrance Lyon, France
Bristol, UKSpain Madrid, Spain
Bristol, UKSpain Malaga, Spain
Bristol, UKSpain Murcia, Spain
Bristol, UKFrance Nice, France
Bristol, UKSpain Palma, Spain
Bristol, UKCyprus Paphos, Cyprus
Bristol, UKFrance Paris, France
Bristol, UKCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Bristol, UKItaly Rome, Italy
Bristol, UKAustria Salzburg, Austria
Bristol, UKSpain Teneriffa, Spain
Bristol, UKFrance Toulouse, France
Dorset, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Edinburgh, UKNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Edinburgh, UKGreece Athens, Greece
Edinburgh, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Edinburgh, UKFrance Grenoble, France
Edinburgh, UKPoland Krakau, Poland
Edinburgh, UKFrance Lyon, France
Edinburgh, UKSpain Madrid, Spain
Edinburgh, UKItaly Milan, Italy
Edinburgh, UKGermany Munich, Germany
Edinburgh, UKCyprus Paphos, Cyprus
Edinburgh, UKFrance Paris, France
Edinburgh, UKSpain Teneriffa, Spain
Glasgow, UKSpain Alicante, Spain
Glasgow, UKNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Glasgow, UKGermany Berlin, Germany
Glasgow, UKPortugal Faro, Portugal
Glasgow, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Glasgow, UKSpain Malaga, Spain
Glasgow, UKFrance Paris, France
Leeds, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Liverpool, UKSpain Alicante, Spain
Liverpool, UKNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Liverpool, UKSpain Barcelona, Spain
Liverpool, UKGermany Berlin, Germany
Liverpool, UKBelgium Brussels, Belgium
Liverpool, UKPortugal Faro, Portugal
Liverpool, UKSpain Fuerteventura, Spain
Liverpool, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Liverpool, UKGibraltar Gibraltar, Gibraltar
Liverpool, UKFrance Grenoble, France
Liverpool, UKAustria Innsbruck, Austria
Liverpool, UKPoland Krakau, Poland
Liverpool, UKSpain Lanzarote, Spain
Liverpool, UKFrance Lyon, France
Liverpool, UKSpain Madrid, Spain
Liverpool, UKSpain Malaga, Spain
Liverpool, UKMalta Malta, Malta
Liverpool, UKFrance Nice, France
Liverpool, UKSpain Palma, Spain
Liverpool, UKFrance Paris, France
Liverpool, UKAustria Salzburg, Austria
Liverpool, UKEstonia Tallinn, Estonia
London, UKSpain Alicante, Spain
London, UKSpain Almeria, Spain
London, UKNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
London, UKSpain Asturias, Spain
London, UKGreece Athens, Greece
London, UKSpain Barcelona, Spain
London, UKSwitzerland Basel, Switzerland
London, UKGermany Berlin, Germany
London, UKSpain Bilbao, Spain
London, UKItaly Bologna, Italy
London, UKFrance Bordeaux, France
London, UKHungary Budapest, Hungary
London, UKItaly Cagliari, Italy
London, UKItaly Catania, Italy
London, UKGermany Cologne, Germany
London, UKDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
London, UKGermany Dortmund, Germany
London, UKGermany Dusseldorf, Germany
London, UKPortugal Faro, Portugal
London, UKSpain Fuerteventura, Spain
London, UKPortugal Funchal, Portugal
London, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
London, UKGibraltar Gibraltar, Gibraltar
London, UKSweden Gothenburg Landvetter, Sweden
London, UKSpain Gran Canaria, Spain
London, UKFrance Grenoble, France
London, UKGermany Hamburg, Germany
London, UKAustria Innsbruck, Austria
London, UKTurkey Istanbul, Turkey
London, UKPoland Krakau, Poland
London, UKSpain Lanzarote, Spain
London, UKCyprus Larnaca, Cyprus
London, UKPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
London, UKSlovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia
London, UKFrance Lyon, France
London, UKSpain Madrid, Spain
London, UKSpain Malaga, Spain
London, UKMalta Malta, Malta
London, UKFrance Marseille, France
London, UKItaly Milan, Italy
London, UKFrance Montpellier, France
London, UKGermany Munich, Germany
London, UKSpain Murcia, Spain
London, UKItaly Naples Capodichno, Italy
London, UKFrance Nice, France
London, UKItaly Palermo, Italy
London, UKSpain Palma, Spain
London, UKCyprus Paphos, Cyprus
London, UKFrance Paris, France
London, UKItaly Pisa, Italy
London, UKPortugal Porto, Portugal
London, UKCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
London, UKItaly Rome, Italy
London, UKAustria Salzburg, Austria
London, UKSpain Sevilla, Spain
London, UKBulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
London, UKEstonia Tallinn, Estonia
London, UKSpain Teneriffa, Spain
London, UKGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
London, UKFrance Toulouse, France
London, UKSpain Valencia, Spain
London, UKItaly Venice, Italy
London, UKItaly Verona, Italy
London, UKAustria Vienna, Austria
London, UKCroatia Zagreb, Croatia
London, UKSwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland
Manchester, UKSpain Alicante, Spain
Manchester, UKNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Manchester, UKGreece Athens, Greece
Manchester, UKGermany Berlin, Germany
Manchester, UKSpain Bilbao, Spain
Manchester, UKDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Manchester, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Manchester, UKGermany Hamburg, Germany
Manchester, UKSpain Madrid, Spain
Manchester, UKSpain Malaga, Spain
Manchester, UKMalta Malta, Malta
Manchester, UKGermany Munich, Germany
Manchester, UKCyprus Paphos, Cyprus
Manchester, UKBulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
Manchester, UKSpain Teneriffa, Spain
Manchester, UKSwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland
Newcastle, UKSpain Alicante, Spain
Newcastle, UKSpain Barcelona, Spain
Newcastle, UKPortugal Faro, Portugal
Newcastle, UKSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Newcastle, UKSpain Malaga, Spain
Newcastle, UKMalta Malta, Malta
Newcastle, UKFrance Paris, France

International destinations for Easyjet?

From To
London, UKMorocco Agadir, Morocco
London, UKJordan Amman, Jordan
London, UKEgypt Hurghada, Egypt
London, UKEgypt Luxor, Egypt
London, UKMorocco Marrakech, Morocco
London, UKEgypt Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
London, UKIsrael Tel Aviv, Israel
Manchester, UKMorocco Marrakech, Morocco
Manchester, UKEgypt Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
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