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Mini-Guide To Basel

There is a wealth of things to see and do in Basel Mulhouse. This is because of the fact that through landing at one airport, you are actually within striking distance of Switzerland, France and even Germany, and so for the price of one ticket, you get to see three countries at once! Basel is a very historic city in Switzerland, with a settlement dating back to Roman times and it is now the third largest city in Switzerland in terms of population. It has a very famous reputation as being one of the most culturally interesting cities in Europe, with a whole wealth of museums, some very exciting art galleries and a very ancient and prestigious university. It is also home to some of the wealthiest people in Switzerland, which makes it a really interesting place to visit, and you get to see a very cultured side of the Swiss way of life.

Local Airports In Basel

After all the refinement and culture of Basel, you can then hop over to Mulhouse in France, which is again a very ancient town, this time dating back to the 13th Century. It is also very interesting, because although you know that you are in France the buildings in the centre look very Swiss and German. This is partly due to the fact that many of the buildings are actually medieval, so they have an air of being very old, but also different from other parts of France which have a strong medieval influence. Within Mulhouse there is a whole array of buildings and architecture to see and the food is also very different to other parts of France, so make sure that you find time to take in a restaurant or two. But while you are in the area it would be foolish to leave without taking a short trip into Freiburg, so that you can experience another country. Here you will find another ancient town, this time founded in the 12th century and again there are a whole host of buildings dating back from medieval times and yet again, you have the chance to experience different food and a different culture. All from just one flight and with excellent transport by the public systems which serve all these towns from the airport; this is a truly different destination so check out Basel Mulhouse and have a very unique type of break.

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