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Flying abroad? Find out what airlines fly where!

Whether you are looking for somewhere to go on a romantic weekend break or get a week in the sun, Flying Abroad gives you a wealth of information with travel guides to major cities and countries around the world, travel advice to ensure you go prepared, and guides on the best ways to save before you travel - such as the cheapest airport parking.

We have information on most airlines in the world, the routes they travel, including country and city information, detailed information on airports. We've also starting tracking airlines and airports that use Twitter to communicate and keep their customers informed, on an up-to-the-minute basis.

And our news section is updated regularly with exciting new airline information, routes, airports, coupon codes are more. So take a look around and feel free to leave a comment about some of the news, the airlines, airports or anything else you have an opinion about!

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We have just finished up a airline, hotel and loyalty points/miles transfer calculator, which allows you to convert between hotel, airline and other loyalty programmes. As always, if you have any feedback, please let us know.

We also recently added an assistant, which allows you to claim for delayed or cancelled flights. It walks you through the process of determining whether you are elligible for compensation under the EU rules.

Alternatively, if you know you want to go from your local airport, but don't know where you could fly to - we'll tell you - both what airlines fly from there and where they fly to.

We've got over 7500 airlines routes in our database and its growing every week. So why not choose your departure airport now, or do a flight search.

We've structured our site so you can find what you want by knowing where you want to go (your destination), and then you'll see a travel guide along with details of what airlines fly to that place.