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Air travel is something we love and hate. On the one hand, we love travelling because of the excitement of the airport, the flight itself and most importantly the destination itself. On the other hand, the flight itself can sometimes be fraught with tension and anger from fellow travellers and more immediate family and friends even!

As such, we've put together a list of etiquette which we think would benefit travellers and cabin crew alike and make the journey that much easier. So, without further ado, onwards!

  1. Leave enough space in the overhead bins for other passengers - remember, they are shared spaces!
  2. Don't recline your seat until you are ready to sleep, remember that this takes up valuable space from the person behind you
  3. When reclining your seat, do it slowly - the person behind you might be using their tray and a sudden movement might upset things
  4. At night or during sleeping times, if you're in the window seat, keep the blind closed, even a small opening causes a lot of light in the cabin
  5. If you are travelling with children, try to keep them under control so as not to disturb other passengers
  6. If you're in the middle or at the window, try to time your breaks or bathroom visits so as not to disturb the aisle-sitting passenger, assuming you don't know them
  7. Use the cabin crew calling button sparingly, there are other passengers on board who may have a more important request - alternatively, if there is any easy way of chatting to cabin crew without disturbing other passengers, use the oppurtunity to take a break and walk to the cabin crew area!
  8. Don't get drunk (instead drink plenty of water as your body needs additional hydration in the pressurised environment)!
  9. Don't eat curry or other heavy foods the day before or during the flight - it may give you bad case of gas, which other passengers won't appreciate!
  10. Sit in the right seat! If you're unsure, ask cabin crew, there is nothing worse than having to reshuffle during boarding!

One bonus tip, be nice to the cabin crew, you never know what they'll do for you for (upgrades!).

Do you have any other tips for airline etiquette? What about at airports? Let us know in the comments below.