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Site Improvements and Enhancements

We are committed to improving and growing this website - to make it a definitive resource for flying abroad from the UK.

27 December 2012
We've completely overhauled the site! Let us know what you think, you can now leave comments on every page, so if you spot any inaccuracies or just want to tell us something, please do so!

1 June 2008
The amount of news we have is growing, so we've changed it so that news is archived and grouped by month.

18 February 2008
If you are interested in facts and figures, check out biggest airport in the world page which also has the busiest airport in the world information.

30 January 2008
We've added numerous city guides including places such as Copenhagen, Dublin and Venice to name but a few.

20 December 2007
For all of the country pages such as for Spain, we've now split places by major and regional airports - which makes it much easier to find the place you need.

18 November 2007
For the airline pages, such as for easyJet, we've added flags for the various countries where the search results are split between Domestic (meaning the same country the airline is based), Regional (covering the same continent such as Europe) and then International destinations.

1 November 2007
Airports and destinations all around the world have now been added from Asia to North America to Pacific islands and countries.

23 August 2007
We've added a Newsletters area allowing you to subscribe to news and offers in the flying world. We respect your privacy and your details will never be used by a 3rd party. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

15 August 2007
Every few days we are adding new routes and information to our site, and some pages such as the bmibaby or Singapore Airlines routes growing continually. So we've now split the route information into three sections; domestic (meaning flights within the same country such as UK), regional (within the same region such as Europe) and then international (meaning flights outside the region).

13 July 2007
For those regulary viewing our site, you may have noticed that for each airport and city, we are adding details of who flies where - meaning what airlines fly to what destinations. We are adding mini-guides for cities around Europe (initially anyway), as well as country guides.

You can, for example, find out where you can fly from Luton Airport across ALL airlines - ideal if you aren't sure where to go on holiday!

25 June 2007
An article about Advance Passenger Information which affects initially, passengers flying to Spain from UK - although there are various other countries it affects. Read the article for more details.

18 June 2007
We've been busy sorting out some data issues to give us the most flexibility to grow the site in the coming few months. You may have noticed that we've added a lot more content, including guides to cities and countries - as well as details of what airlines fly to particular places. There is much more to come, so please keep checking back - and also spread the word and tell your friends and family about this site.

15 May 2007
We've restructured the site a bit, to make it focused on cities, rather than airports - although those are still available too. We've started with the main UK cities - and we'll be extending to Europe and beyond over the coming months.

31 March 2007
An article on Deep Vein Thrombosis - or DVT as its often known.

26 March 2007
A list of airlines has been added - and which will grow to include some of the more expensive longer haul airlines.

22 March 2007
We've had several requests for people wanting the departure board information for each airport - so we've added them. Just click on the left hand menu on the airport of your choice, and it will be detailed for you.

16 March 2007
Following on from our regulary updated news section (which has details of cheap flights and deals), we've now made it available as an RSS Feed.

10 March 2007
We've now added travel news which is updated daily, along with relevant news for each airport.

1 March 2007
For each airport, we've added aerial maps, allow you to see where the airport is along with the surrounding road network. The maps are powered by Google Maps.