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Singapore Airlines

Recognised as one of the world's leading airlines, Singapore Airlines has a vast network of routes covering Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Based primarily in Singapore, the airlines most popular destinations include Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Bali, Christchurch, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore and Sydney. Singapore Airlines flights are of high comfort - even in economy. Each passenger has access to more movies, tv programmes and music that they might at home! Each passenger has their own seat back TV which allows full control at the touch of a button.

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Domestic Singapore Airlines flights within Singapore?

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Regional Singapore Airlines flights within Asia?

From To
Singapore, SingaporeUnited Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Singapore, SingaporeIndia Ahmedabad, India
Singapore, SingaporeBrunei Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Singapore, SingaporeIndia Bangalore, India
Singapore, SingaporeThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Singapore, SingaporeChina Beijing, China
Singapore, SingaporeIndia Calcutta, India
Singapore, SingaporeIndia Chennai, India
Singapore, SingaporeSri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka
Singapore, SingaporeIndia Delhi, India
Singapore, SingaporeIndonesia Denpasar, Indonesia
Singapore, SingaporeBangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh
Singapore, SingaporeUnited Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Singapore, SingaporeJapan Fukuoka, Japan
Singapore, SingaporeChina Guangzhou, China
Singapore, SingaporeVietnam Hanoi, Vietnam
Singapore, SingaporeVietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Singapore, SingaporeChina Hong Kong, China
Singapore, SingaporeIndonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
Singapore, SingaporeMalaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Singapore, SingaporePhilippines Manila, Philippines
Singapore, SingaporeIndia Mumbai, India
Singapore, SingaporeJapan Nagoya, Japan
Singapore, SingaporeJapan Osaka, Japan
Singapore, SingaporeSouth Korea Pusan, South Korea
Singapore, SingaporeSouth Korea Seoul, South Korea
Singapore, SingaporeChina Shanghai, China
Singapore, SingaporeTaiwan Taipei, Taiwan
Singapore, SingaporeJapan Tokyo, Japan

International destinations for Singapore Airlines?

From To
Singapore, SingaporeAustralia Adelaide, Australia
Singapore, SingaporeNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Singapore, SingaporeNew Zealand Auckland, New Zealand
Singapore, SingaporeSpain Barcelona, Spain
Singapore, SingaporeAustralia Brisbane, Australia
Singapore, SingaporeNew Zealand Christchurch, New Zealand
Singapore, SingaporeDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Singapore, SingaporeGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Singapore, SingaporeTurkey Istanbul, Turkey
Singapore, SingaporeSouth Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Singapore, SingaporeUK London, UK
Singapore, SingaporeUnited States Los Angeles, United States
Singapore, SingaporeMaldives Male, Maldives
Singapore, SingaporeAustralia Melbourne, Australia
Singapore, SingaporeItaly Milan, Italy
Singapore, SingaporeRussia Moscow, Russia
Singapore, SingaporeGermany Munich, Germany
Singapore, SingaporeUnited States New York, United States
Singapore, SingaporeFrance Paris, France
Singapore, SingaporeAustralia Perth, Australia
Singapore, SingaporeItaly Rome, Italy
Singapore, SingaporeAustralia Sydney, Australia
Singapore, SingaporeSwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland
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