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South Australia launches virtual tour guides

Sunday 29 Mar 2009 8:47pm

South Australia's tourist board has launched of a new global positioning system (GPS) to provide a 'virtual tour guide' for tourists on driving holidays in the region. Travellers who hire a car during their trip can get the GPS package from visitor information centres and plug it into their vehicle's cigarette lighter. The virtual tour guide offers advice and tips on how best to explore the Fleurieu Way, a 235km route on the Fleurieu peninsula, about an hour's drive south of Adelaide. The Fleurieu Way is also leads to Kangaroo Island, which is described by the local tourist board as 'Australia's Galapagos'. The guide will also offer recommendations to try a number of activities, including cruising on the Murray River, whale-watching in Encounter Bay and antique-hunting in Strathalbyn. Two new giant pandas will arrive at Adelaide zoo later this year, and are expected to be a particular attraction for visitors to South Australia. UK travellers can book flights to Adelaide and other Australian cities with airlines including Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Qantas.

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