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Mini-Guide To Poland Poland

Located in Central Europe, Poland has a coastline on the Baltic Sea and shares borders with Germany, Russia, Lithuania and other Eastern European countries. Its cities boast some beautiful historic architecture, and its countryside encompasses lakes, forests, mountains and beaches, making it a country which will have something to suit all tastes.

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Poland boasts a dense road network, despite not having an inter-city highway system. However, the single-carriageway roads which currently exist are well signposted. Drink-driving is a severe problem in Poland, so you should take care around other drivers on the road, as they are also renowned for being aggressive drivers. The train system is cheap, however on non-suburban routes it is best to travel close to the front of the train, where staff can provide assistance, and also avoid travelling at night. The Express and InterCity routes do not share these problems, though, and are much safer. Despite this, Poland is in general a non-violent country, and if sensible precautions are taken when travelling, then very little danger is presented. Polish is spoken across the country, however, most of the younger generation can speak at least basic English as it is taught from a very young age. The national currency is the Polish zloty.