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Mini-Guide To Warsaw

Have you ever wondered what the Warsaw Pact meant and why the United States was intent on going to a war for the Warsaw Pact? Warsaw is no longer as it used to be since the Warsaw Pact is no longer in place and communism has all but fallen in Eastern Europe. Warsaw is the eighth largest city in the European Union and is the capital of Poland. Warsaw hosts a number of sky-rise buildings. This gem of a city competes with London, Paris and Frankfurt in hosting the tallest skyscrapers in Europe. It is considered to be a very progressive economy, making the standards of living very high. A number of local and international companies are conducting their operations in the city. More than 200,000 companies are there and the level of involvement of investors is high and it's getting more and more competitive. Six years ago, foreign investors brought almost 700 million euros to the city. As a result of this, the city is contributing almost 15% of the income of the country. Employment opportunities are also high and the area enjoys a very low unemployment rate.

Local Airports In Warsaw

Warsaw was very much involved in World War II. It was rebuilt after the war and major industries have been established in the city as well as in the outskirts of the city. The communists helped the city initially. When the communist economies declined, the economy of the city suffered. With the end of communism and its inclusion into the European Union, however, it started its way back to economic recovery. Warsaw is comparatively younger than most cities in Europe. Even so, it has a number of tourist destinations attracting people from all over the world on a consistent basis. The Warsaw Old Town has been rebuilt and is now one of the major tourist destinations. Take a walk in the Old Town quarter and come across the Market Square and the Royal Castle among other attractions. Warsaw's oldest public park, which is called the Ogrod Saski, is still operational and is located very close to the public park. The cemetery of the city, Powazki Cemetery, lends an eerie yet dignified atmosphere as one of the oldest in the entire continent. You can also see the former site of the Warsaw Ghetto just north of the city center. Numerous architectural marvels from the early twentieth century can also be found in the city as well as the former residence of the Polish royal family. Theatre is also one of the legacies of Warsaw. A number of theatres in the city have withstood the test of time and a number of performances from Europe and from Poland are being played in these theatres. In fact, there are more than 30 theatres operating throughout Warsaw. You are well advised to include a visit to the theatres in your trip to the city. Chamber orchestras and classical music is also of importance to the city. For the art buff, Warsaw is also a feast.

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