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Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle is based in Norway, Europe

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Domestic Norwegian Air Shuttle flights within Norway?

From To
Aalesund, NorwayNorway Bergen, Norway
Aalesund, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Aalesund, NorwayNorway Trondheim, Norway
Alta, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Alta, NorwayNorway Tromso, Norway
Bardufoss, NorwayNorway Bodo, Norway
Bardufoss, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Bergen, NorwayNorway Aalesund, Norway
Bergen, NorwayNorway Kristiansand, Norway
Bergen, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Bergen, NorwayNorway Stavanger, Norway
Bergen, NorwayNorway Trondheim, Norway
Bodo, NorwayNorway Bardufoss, Norway
Bodo, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Bodo, NorwayNorway Tromso, Norway
Bodo, NorwayNorway Trondheim, Norway
Harstad Narvik, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Haugesund, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Kirkenes, NorwayNorway Tromso, Norway
Kristiansand, NorwayNorway Bergen, Norway
Kristiansand, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Kristiansand, NorwayNorway Trondheim, Norway
Molde, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Aalesund, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Alta, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Bardufoss, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Bergen, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Bodo, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Harstad Narvik, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Haugesund, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Kristiansand, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Molde, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Stavanger, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Tromso, Norway
Oslo, NorwayNorway Trondheim, Norway
Stavanger, NorwayNorway Bergen, Norway
Stavanger, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Tromso, NorwayNorway Alta, Norway
Tromso, NorwayNorway Bodo, Norway
Tromso, NorwayNorway Kirkenes, Norway
Tromso, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway
Trondheim, NorwayNorway Aalesund, Norway
Trondheim, NorwayNorway Bergen, Norway
Trondheim, NorwayNorway Bodo, Norway
Trondheim, NorwayNorway Kristiansand, Norway
Trondheim, NorwayNorway Oslo, Norway

Regional Norwegian Air Shuttle flights within Europe?

From To
Aalesund, NorwaySpain Alicante, Spain
Aalesund, NorwayUK London, UK
Bergen, NorwaySpain Alicante, Spain
Bergen, NorwayGermany Berlin, Germany
Bergen, NorwayDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Bergen, NorwaySpain Gran Canaria, Spain
Bergen, NorwayUK London, UK
Bergen, NorwayAustria Salzburg, Austria
Bodo, NorwaySpain Gran Canaria, Spain
Oslo, NorwaySpain Alicante, Spain
Oslo, NorwayNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oslo, NorwayTurkey Antalya, Turkey
Oslo, NorwaySpain Barcelona, Spain
Oslo, NorwaySerbia Belgrade, Serbia
Oslo, NorwayGermany Berlin, Germany
Oslo, NorwayDenmark Billund, Denmark
Oslo, NorwayHungary Budapest, Hungary
Oslo, NorwayDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Oslo, NorwayIreland Dublin, Ireland
Oslo, NorwayGermany Dusseldorf, Germany
Oslo, NorwayUK Edinburgh, UK
Oslo, NorwayPortugal Funchal, Portugal
Oslo, NorwayPoland Gdansk, Poland
Oslo, NorwaySwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Oslo, NorwaySpain Gran Canaria, Spain
Oslo, NorwayFrance Grenoble, France
Oslo, NorwayGermany Hamburg, Germany
Oslo, NorwayFinland Helsinki, Finland
Oslo, NorwayPoland Krakau, Poland
Oslo, NorwaySpain Lanzarote, Spain
Oslo, NorwayCyprus Larnaca, Cyprus
Oslo, NorwayUK London, UK
Oslo, NorwaySpain Malaga, Spain
Oslo, NorwayUK Manchester, UK
Oslo, NorwayItaly Milan, Italy
Oslo, NorwayGermany Munich, Germany
Oslo, NorwayFrance Nice, France
Oslo, NorwayLithuania Palanga, Lithuania
Oslo, NorwayFrance Paris, France
Oslo, NorwayPoland Poznan, Poland
Oslo, NorwayCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Oslo, NorwayLatvia Riga, Latvia
Oslo, NorwayItaly Rome, Italy
Oslo, NorwayAustria Salzburg, Austria
Oslo, NorwayRussia St. Petersburg, Russia
Oslo, NorwaySweden Stockholm, Sweden
Oslo, NorwayPoland Szczecin, Poland
Oslo, NorwayEstonia Tallinn, Estonia
Oslo, NorwaySpain Teneriffa, Spain
Oslo, NorwayAustria Vienna, Austria
Oslo, NorwayLithuania Vilnius, Lithuania
Oslo, NorwayPoland Warsaw, Poland
Stavanger, NorwaySpain Alicante, Spain
Stavanger, NorwayGermany Berlin, Germany
Stavanger, NorwaySpain Gran Canaria, Spain
Stavanger, NorwayPoland Krakau, Poland
Stavanger, NorwayUK London, UK
Stavanger, NorwayAustria Salzburg, Austria
Stavanger, NorwayPoland Warsaw, Poland
Trondheim, NorwaySpain Alicante, Spain
Trondheim, NorwayTurkey Antalya, Turkey
Trondheim, NorwayDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Trondheim, NorwaySpain Gran Canaria, Spain
Trondheim, NorwayUK London, UK
Trondheim, NorwayLatvia Riga, Latvia

International destinations for Norwegian Air Shuttle?

From To
Oslo, NorwayMorocco Agadir, Morocco
Oslo, NorwayUnited Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Oslo, NorwayMorocco Marrakech, Morocco
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