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Mini-Guide To St. Petersburg

The imperial capital of Russia is none other than the magnificent St. Petersburg. This grand city sitting on the Gulf of Finland was first established by Peter the Great back in the 18th century. He created modern Russia by moving the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Peter the Great was a great leader of the revolution who directed Russia to a cosmopolitan intellectualism. If you are looking for a city to do business, St. Petersburg is a great choice. The city boasts a flat income tax rate of 13%. The market is growing and there are comparatively fewer restrictions for business in relation to countries in Europe or North America. They've got plenty of natural resources and the labor force is very well educated. St. Petersburg is a combination of a historic city and a bustling metropolis.

Local Airports In St. Petersburg

If you are planning to visit St. Petersburg in the near or not so near future, there are a lot of tourist destinations that you can add to your itinerary, some of which are listed below together with a brief description. Read on to find out what interests you the most. The Palace Square is a popular attraction in St. Petersburg. It is a huge formal court that has witnessed Russia's political struggles and reforms during the past decades. It has survived the Bloody Sunday Revolution of 1905, the army strike of February 1917, and the coup d'etat of October 26th, 1917 among other historic events that happened in the city. The Alexander Column is another popular attraction. Built in 1833, this triumphal column was a memorabilia of Napoleon's defeat in 1812. The Alexander Column was built from the rocks of Karelia's cliff as designed by Auguste de Montferrand. The column was carefully delivered to St. Petersburg and it took one year of transit. It was erected by two thousand veterans of the war. It is placed perfectly by the entrance to the Winter Palace. Another tourist destination not to miss is the Decembrists Square. It is considered the second of the great squares of the city. The square takes its name from the Decembrists' revolt. It was on December 14th, 1825 when a small group of reformists were captured and executed. They went to the square to stop the Senate from endorsing the appointment of Nicholas I. However, their actions were already anticipated and so thousands of troops had been waiting for them at the square. If you want to see traces of Peter the Great, then a trip to his first residence is recommended. Peter the Great's Cottage was built in 1703 in just three days. You'll find it sealed with a protective brick even though it was made quickly. Another place to see is the Peter and Paul Fortress. It was the first project that Peter the Great had started to serve as a defense for approaches of the Neva river delta. In fact, many people believed that he already planned building the new capital in St. Petersburg while he was still living in his cottage. There's also the Peter and Paul Cathedral to visit. Other attractions include the Engineer's Cottage, the Admiralty, and the General Staff Building.

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