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Swiss Swiss

Starting 1st July 2007, Swiss becomes part of the Lufthansa group making it a major international airline - capable of carrying passengers to over 185 destinations around the world. Primarily based in Switzerland, Swiss's main base is in Zurich, Switzerland where its 73 aircraft cover 70 destinations and carried over 10.5 million passengers in 2006. Inline with the typical "Swiss" values of the country, Swiss airlines prides itself on quality to the finest detail, personal care and swiss hospitality. Swiss is also Switzerland's national airline and the number one choice for people living in Switzerland.

Reservations: 0845 601 0956

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Domestic Swiss flights within Switzerland?

From To
Geneva, SwitzerlandSwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, SwitzerlandSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland

Regional Swiss flights within Europe?

From To
Geneva, SwitzerlandGreece Athens, Greece
Geneva, SwitzerlandSpain Barcelona, Spain
Geneva, SwitzerlandUK London, UK
Geneva, SwitzerlandSpain Madrid, Spain
Geneva, SwitzerlandRussia Moscow, Russia
Zurich, SwitzerlandNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zurich, SwitzerlandGreece Athens, Greece
Zurich, SwitzerlandSpain Barcelona, Spain
Zurich, SwitzerlandSerbia Belgrade, Serbia
Zurich, SwitzerlandGermany Berlin, Germany
Zurich, SwitzerlandUK Birmingham, UK
Zurich, SwitzerlandBelgium Brussels, Belgium
Zurich, SwitzerlandRomania Bucharest, Romania
Zurich, SwitzerlandHungary Budapest, Hungary
Zurich, SwitzerlandDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Zurich, SwitzerlandIreland Dublin, Ireland
Zurich, SwitzerlandGermany Dusseldorf, Germany
Zurich, SwitzerlandGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Zurich, SwitzerlandGermany Hamburg, Germany
Zurich, SwitzerlandGermany Hanover, Germany
Zurich, SwitzerlandTurkey Istanbul, Turkey
Zurich, SwitzerlandPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Zurich, SwitzerlandUK London, UK
Zurich, SwitzerlandLuxembourg Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Zurich, SwitzerlandFrance Lyon, France
Zurich, SwitzerlandSpain Madrid, Spain
Zurich, SwitzerlandSpain Malaga, Spain
Zurich, SwitzerlandUK Manchester, UK
Zurich, SwitzerlandItaly Milan, Italy
Zurich, SwitzerlandRussia Moscow, Russia
Zurich, SwitzerlandGermany Munich, Germany
Zurich, SwitzerlandFrance Nice, France
Zurich, SwitzerlandGermany Nuremberg, Germany
Zurich, SwitzerlandNorway Oslo, Norway
Zurich, SwitzerlandSpain Palma, Spain
Zurich, SwitzerlandFrance Paris, France
Zurich, SwitzerlandCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Zurich, SwitzerlandItaly Rome, Italy
Zurich, SwitzerlandRussia St. Petersburg, Russia
Zurich, SwitzerlandSweden Stockholm, Sweden
Zurich, SwitzerlandGermany Stuttgart, Germany
Zurich, SwitzerlandGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Zurich, SwitzerlandSpain Valencia, Spain
Zurich, SwitzerlandItaly Venice, Italy
Zurich, SwitzerlandAustria Vienna, Austria
Zurich, SwitzerlandPoland Warsaw, Poland

International destinations for Swiss?

From To
Geneva, SwitzerlandUnited States New York, United States
Zurich, SwitzerlandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Zurich, SwitzerlandEgypt Cairo, Egypt
Zurich, SwitzerlandUnited States Chicago, United States
Zurich, SwitzerlandIndia Delhi, India
Zurich, SwitzerlandCameroon Douala, Cameroon
Zurich, SwitzerlandUnited Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Zurich, SwitzerlandChina Hong Kong, China
Zurich, SwitzerlandSouth Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Zurich, SwitzerlandUnited States Logan, United States
Zurich, SwitzerlandUnited States Los Angeles, United States
Zurich, SwitzerlandUnited States Miami, United States
Zurich, SwitzerlandCanada Montreal, Canada
Zurich, SwitzerlandIndia Mumbai, India
Zurich, SwitzerlandKenya Nairobi, Kenya
Zurich, SwitzerlandUnited States New York, United States
Zurich, SwitzerlandUnited States San Francisco, United States
Zurich, SwitzerlandBrazil Sao Paulo, Brazil
Zurich, SwitzerlandChina Shanghai, China
Zurich, SwitzerlandIsrael Tel Aviv, Israel
Zurich, SwitzerlandJapan Tokyo, Japan
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