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Mini-Guide To Luxembourg

Luxembourg City is one of the smallest cities in Europe. Despite its size, its beauty and mystery captivates any traveler who may want to experience a unique and exciting place. The grounds of the city are filled with historic remnants and artifacts that add to its allure and grandeur. One of these structures is the grand castle of Luxembourg that was build by the Franks during the Middle Ages. Aside from being the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, it is also considered as one of the centers of culture in Europe. A fortress surrounded by the Alzette River, it is definitely a fairytale city in which towers and castles are scattered all over. The old centre of the town was named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. During the last centuries, it was protected by walls and gates, making it famous as the 'Gibraltar of the North'. Aside from being a cultural core, Luxembourg City is also known as a business and financial center as well. It houses several banks and institutions.

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Because of the city's size, it is advisable to get around by foot to appreciate its scenic views. The old town is a place to start the itinerary because everything in it will remind you of the city's historical value. The Grand Ducal Place is right in the middle of the town where the Grand Ducal family resides. It has a unique architectural structure that is worth your attention and time. The fortifications in the city are considered the main attraction. Include the Wenzel's walk in one of the places to visit because this 100 minutes walk can show the old gates, medieval bridges and French architecture. There are guided tours that come with it so one can learn more about the history of Luxembourg. Another place to visit is the Casemates Bock that has a network of walls built in the 18th century. A notable venue to explore is Place Guillaume where the neo classical designed town hall is located. The Place d'Armes is another spot to go to as well. It is usually filled with tables and chairs during the day so anyone can enjoy coffee and sandwiches for a cheap price. During the night, this place is turned into a lively venue where bands perform and beers overflow. Aside from fortifications, Luxembourg City also has a number of museums and churches. The newly renovated National Museum for History and Art contains historical finds and a collection of fine arts and other artifacts. The old Cathedrale de Notre Dame and Eglise St Michel are some of the churches that are worth seeing. The city of Luxembourg is affordable since there are lot of cheap hotels, eateries and pizzerias. The population is quite small and it has a mixture of immigrants from neighboring countries. The largest group is the Italians and they have contributed a lot to the modern Luxembourg City. This factor can add to the uniqueness of the city itself. Any visitor will definitely be satisfied with the wonders this city has to offer.

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