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Mini-Guide To Luxembourg Luxembourg

Luxembourg, at the very heart of Europe, is a very unique place to visit. This country has the position as the only Grand Duchy on the planet. It also enjoys a unique position as it sits at the crossroads of the Germanic and Latin cultures. Luxembourg is a hidden secret; it is not widely known to the tourists of the world. No matter: this country holds a wealth of opportunity for anyone who takes the plunge and visits the country.

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This country has been in existence since 963, over 1000 years, and has twice been invaded by Germany. Because of these invasions, it has lost some of its territory to Belgium. English is widely recognised, understood and spoken in Luxembourg. This is mainly because three languages are in operation: Luxembourgish, French and German. Luxembourg, the city, is a great place to start exploring the country. As you would expect from such a civilised nation, there are many sights and attractions. You can experience the Museum of History and Art and the fortifications in the city which have resulted in it being awarded World Heritage site status by UNESCO. This is a rural country; it is a great idea to hire a car or catch a train to see some of the fantastic scenery and quaint little villages. Visiting this charming country is more than worth it: here, you can interact with a truly unique, proud nation. This country is easily accessible. Most major airlines service the area and they include VLM UK, British Airways and Luxair, among others.