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TAP Air is based in Portugal, Europe

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Domestic TAP Air flights within Portugal?

From To
Faro, PortugalPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Funchal, PortugalPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Funchal, PortugalPortugal Porto, Portugal
Horta, PortugalPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, PortugalPortugal Faro, Portugal
Lisbon, PortugalPortugal Funchal, Portugal
Lisbon, PortugalPortugal Horta, Portugal
Lisbon, PortugalPortugal Ponta Delgada Azores, Portugal
Lisbon, PortugalPortugal Porto, Portugal
Lisbon, PortugalPortugal Porto Santo, Portugal
Lisbon, PortugalPortugal Terceira, Portugal
Ponta Delgada Azores, PortugalPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Porto, PortugalPortugal Funchal, Portugal
Porto, PortugalPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Porto Santo, PortugalPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Terceira, PortugalPortugal Lisbon, Portugal

Regional TAP Air flights within Europe?

From To
Funchal, PortugalUK London, UK
Lisbon, PortugalNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lisbon, PortugalGreece Athens, Greece
Lisbon, PortugalSpain Barcelona, Spain
Lisbon, PortugalItaly Bologna, Italy
Lisbon, PortugalBelgium Brussels, Belgium
Lisbon, PortugalHungary Budapest, Hungary
Lisbon, PortugalDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Lisbon, PortugalGermany Dusseldorf, Germany
Lisbon, PortugalGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Lisbon, PortugalSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Lisbon, PortugalGermany Hamburg, Germany
Lisbon, PortugalFinland Helsinki, Finland
Lisbon, PortugalUK London, UK
Lisbon, PortugalLuxembourg Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Lisbon, PortugalSpain Madrid, Spain
Lisbon, PortugalUK Manchester, UK
Lisbon, PortugalItaly Milan, Italy
Lisbon, PortugalRussia Moscow, Russia
Lisbon, PortugalGermany Munich, Germany
Lisbon, PortugalFrance Nice, France
Lisbon, PortugalNorway Oslo, Norway
Lisbon, PortugalFrance Paris, France
Lisbon, PortugalCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Lisbon, PortugalItaly Rome, Italy
Lisbon, PortugalSweden Stockholm, Sweden
Lisbon, PortugalItaly Venice, Italy
Lisbon, PortugalAustria Vienna, Austria
Lisbon, PortugalPoland Warsaw, Poland
Lisbon, PortugalSwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland
Porto, PortugalNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Porto, PortugalSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Porto, PortugalUK London, UK
Porto, PortugalLuxembourg Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Porto, PortugalFrance Paris, France
Porto, PortugalSwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland

International destinations for TAP Air?

From To
Funchal, PortugalVenezuela Caracas, Venezuela
Lisbon, PortugalGhana Accra, Ghana
Lisbon, PortugalMali Bamako, Mali
Lisbon, PortugalBrazil Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Lisbon, PortugalBrazil Brasilia, Brazil
Lisbon, PortugalVenezuela Caracas, Venezuela
Lisbon, PortugalBrazil Fortaleza, Brazil
Lisbon, PortugalAngola Luanda, Angola
Lisbon, PortugalUnited States Miami, United States
Lisbon, PortugalBrazil Natal, Brazil
Lisbon, PortugalUnited States New York, United States
Lisbon, PortugalBrazil Porto Alegre, Brazil
Lisbon, PortugalBrazil Recife, Brazil
Lisbon, PortugalBrazil Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Lisbon, PortugalBrazil Salvador, Brazil
Lisbon, PortugalBrazil Sao Paulo, Brazil
Porto, PortugalVenezuela Caracas, Venezuela
Porto, PortugalUnited States New York, United States
Porto, PortugalBrazil Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Porto, PortugalBrazil Sao Paulo, Brazil
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