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Mini-Guide To Athens

Athens is a wonderful city. Sometimes it is very hard to think that this city has been in existence for thousands of years and yet is a modern city, facing the future with confidence. Athens prides itself on having the most glamorous history' in the world: and to a large extent, this is very true. After all which other city in the world has been worshipped by the gods? Also which other city in the world could lay claim to actually being the birthplace of civilisation? This is indeed a special city!

Local Airports In Athens

The modern day Athens is quite a large city, with over 3 million inhabitants. It is also a sophisticated city, with excellent transport systems in place, including a metro system and it is easy to find your way around Athens. English is also widely spoken and understood and the locals are quite welcoming and are used to tourists. After all, Athens has been attracting visitors for literally, thousands of years, so the locals are well used to travellers! There really is so much to see and do in Athens, that it is difficult to name only a few must sees' without leaving out others which are of equal importance. However, a few do warrant singling out as being pretty special'. The Temple of Olympian Zeus which was started over 500 years before the birth of Christ. It is a huge temple (although not in its complete state, there are enough parts of it left to show that it was big) which was dedicated, as the name suggests to worshipping Zeus. The Acropolis is also another must see'. The Acropolis is actually several temples, again which are extremely historic and it is amazing to think that this site has been a religious site for thousands of years. Many people say that when they visit the Acropolis, they can actually feel the sense of ancient people in that place. It is a magical place and one which definitely should not be missed. The Ancient Agora also warrants a visit. This is the place where Socrates used to have his philosophical discussions, over 2,500 years ago. It really is a stupendous sight and once again, there is quite a magical air to this building! A very good way of seeing all that Athens has to offer is to go on a helicopter tour. This way you really get to see the extent of the historic sites and your guide will tell you a little about each. This allows you to then decide which are of the most interest to you and you can then decide which you wish to visit and when. One thing to remember about Athens, is that there are almost 150 theatrical stages', including amphitheatre type theatres and so theatre is big here, so make sure you take in a little bit of drama, just to give yourself some wonderful memories of Athens. Flights to Athens are operated by most major airlines, including British Airways, Easyjet and Klm.

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