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Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines was established by Antonis and Nikolaos Simigdalas in 1987. But the first flight was not untill may 1999. The Aegean Airlines fleet consists of 9 AIRBUS A320, 2 AIRBUS A321, 1 BOEING 737-300, 9 BOEING 737-400 and 6 AVRO RJ 100 jets. Aegean Airlines is a full service airline with a leading domestic position in Greece and a growing presence in international scheduled routes between Greece and destinations in Europe and neighboring countries. Aegean flies to 13 international and 17 Greek destinations and as Regional Partner of Lufthansa provides access to Lufthansas global network. If you fly with Aegean Airlines, you can earn miles and spend them on reward like flights or car rental. Further more due to there cooperation with Lufthansa, all Miles & Bonus members have the possibility to earn and redeem miles when traveling with Lufthansa also.

Reservations: +30 210 6261000

Website: Aegean Airlines

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Domestic Aegean Airlines flights within Greece?

From To
Alexandroupolis, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Alexandroupolis, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Chania, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Heraklion, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Kerkyra, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Kos , Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Mykonos, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Mytilene, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Rhodes, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Sitia, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Athens, GreeceGreece Thira, Greece
Chania, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Chania, GreeceGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Heraklion, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Heraklion, GreeceGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Kalamata, GreeceGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Kerkyra, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Kerkyra, GreeceGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Kos , GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Mykonos, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Mytilene, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Mytilene, GreeceGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Rhodes, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Rhodes, GreeceGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Samos, GreeceGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Sitia, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Thessaloniki, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece
Thessaloniki, GreeceGreece Chania, Greece
Thessaloniki, GreeceGreece Heraklion, Greece
Thessaloniki, GreeceGreece Kalamata, Greece
Thessaloniki, GreeceGreece Kerkyra, Greece
Thessaloniki, GreeceGreece Mytilene, Greece
Thessaloniki, GreeceGreece Rhodes, Greece
Thessaloniki, GreeceGreece Samos, Greece
Thira, GreeceGreece Athens, Greece

Regional Aegean Airlines flights within Europe?

From To
Athens, GreeceSpain Barcelona, Spain
Athens, GreeceBelgium Brussels, Belgium
Athens, GreeceGermany Dusseldorf, Germany
Athens, GreeceGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Athens, GreeceTurkey Istanbul, Turkey
Athens, GreeceCyprus Larnaca, Cyprus
Athens, GreeceUK London, UK
Athens, GreeceSpain Madrid, Spain
Athens, GreeceItaly Milan, Italy
Athens, GreeceRussia Moscow, Russia
Athens, GreeceGermany Munich, Germany
Athens, GreeceFrance Paris, France
Athens, GreeceItaly Rome, Italy
Athens, GreeceAustria Vienna, Austria
Thessaloniki, GreeceGermany Dusseldorf, Germany
Thessaloniki, GreeceGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Thessaloniki, GreeceCyprus Larnaca, Cyprus
Thessaloniki, GreeceRussia Moscow, Russia
Thessaloniki, GreeceGermany Munich, Germany
Thessaloniki, GreeceGermany Stuttgart, Germany

International destinations for Aegean Airlines?

From To
Athens, GreeceIsrael Tel Aviv, Israel
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