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Mini-Guide To Istanbul

The old city of Istanbul is the capital of Turkey. Istanbul has been able to preserve much of its ancient civilization for so many years, which is why it is so popular with visitors. The city beautifully combines a modern and traditional atmosphere. Here, you'll enjoy the seven peaks of Anatolian Olympos, the Tower of Leandros, the Black Sea, the rocks of Symplegad, and others. Despite the ancient relics scattered all over the city, it has become a bustling metropolis. In fact, the population has grown. The city is so diverse that minorities have evolved into a majority. Know more about Istanbul, Turkey by reading about some of the top destinations in the city.

Local Airports In Istanbul

The magnificent Beyazit Tower was built in the year 1828. It was designed by architects from the prominent family of Balyan. It was the order of Sultan Mahmud II to erect this 50 meter high stone fire tower. You might wonder why. Back in the old days, almost all Istanbul houses were made of wood. That's why there have been numerous accidents and disasters when houses easily caught on fire. Thus, Beyazit Tower was built and its beauty can still be seen today. Another notable attraction in the city is its bridges, one of which is the Golden Horn, which was built during the 19th century. It conveniently connected the two sides of the city. Before the bridge was built, only small boats were the means of transportation between the two shores. In 1836, Galata Bridge was built to connect Karaköy to Eminonü. It was again rebuilt in the year 1845, in 1912, and in 1993. In addition, the other bridge, Unkapani (Atatürk) Bridge, connects Beyoglu and Sarachane. The third one along the Golden Horn is the Halic Bridge. Istanbul also has two bridges that join the Asian and European sides of the Bosphorus, the 1970 Bosphorus (Bogazici) Bridge and the 1980 Fatih Bridge. The splendid Galata Tower is one of the famous tourist attractions in Istanbul. It was put up in the year 1348. The purpose of building the tower was to protect the Genovese walls. Back then, it was named the Tower of Jesus. When the Ottoman times came, it became a prison for a time. Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi made wings to fly away from the Galata Tower in the 17th century and landed on the opposite shore of the Bosphorus, to Üsküdar, a tale that is often re-told. When you get to Istanbul, you should not miss trying the Turkish Baths. The Turkish Baths, also known as hamam in Turkey, are so popular with tourists. It has been a tradition or a daily routine for the locals. These wonderful Turkish Baths are made with marble floors and basins. There are the center stones made of slabs so you can sweat there. While enjoying your bath, there is someone who will massage your skin with a kese, which means a silk cloth. The person is called natir for women, while for men, it is called tellak.

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