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Mini-Guide To Turkey Turkey

Turkey is a stunning and historic country that is dominated by the Mediterranean sun and the sea. This country is a great place to visit. It has a pace of life that is relatively laid back and will give any visitor a relaxing experience. Turkey welcomes its visitors and tourists. Its facilities and services are top-notch because the country is quite reliant on its tourism: the country's economy is greatly affected by it. Generally, when a person thinks of Turkey, they might think of the most popular destination, Istanbul. Though some think this to be the country's capital, they are wrong: Turkey's capital city is Ankara. However, despite the mix-ups, each city is renowned for their historic, stunning buildings and places of interest. However, the differences between the cities are based in pace: Istanbul is busier and more frantic than Ankara.

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Istanbul is a great place to visit. It is situated in the peak position between the Marmar and Black Seas, and is commonly thought to be the bridge between the east and west (or Asia and Europe). Because of this, people of all cultures and places frequent this city. The city has a diverse range of attractions. Some of the city's most interesting places include the Hagia Sophia, which actually dates back to the 6th century and was originally a Byzantine basilica. The Topkapi Palace is also a very grand building and offers visitors the opportunity to tour the space and see its harem. The life of ordinary people in Istanbul is best seen on trips to the souk (market). Here you can see the country's busy populous, experience its culture, and even try out some delicious and unique local dishes. The city's capital, Ankara, also includes some wonderful attractions for its visitors. This city is as stunning as Istanbul, and it offers its visitors a great place to not only view some stunning architecture but also visit and interact with the past. The city has some stunning and well known museums. In fact, some of its best museums house interesting and amazing artefacts from other civilisations. You can see such archaeological remains as the Temple of Augustus. Ankara is a great place for people who are looking for ways to view the past, and its museums offer just this experience. The country is also a place of luxury. If culture is not your thing or if you are looking for rest and relaxation, why not try one of the country's tourist resorts? Many of the resorts are located along the country's coast and offer its users a stunning view, relaxed atmosphere, and a place to enjoy the sun in peace. With all it has to offer, Turkey is a warm and friendly country that is sure to delight and refresh the most jaded of travellers. It promises visitors a one-of-a-kind experience. Access to the country is easy: most major airlines offer flights to Turkey. You can choose from chartered companies as well as schedule airlines as BA, EasyJet, among others.