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Egyptair is based in Egypt, Africa

Website: Egyptair

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Domestic Egyptair flights within Egypt?

From To
Abu Simbel, EgyptEgypt Aswan, Egypt
Aswan, EgyptEgypt Abu Simbel, Egypt
Aswan, EgyptEgypt Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, EgyptEgypt Aswan, Egypt
Cairo, EgyptEgypt Hurghada, Egypt
Cairo, EgyptEgypt Luxor, Egypt
Cairo, EgyptEgypt Marsa Alam, Egypt
Cairo, EgyptEgypt Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
Hurghada, EgyptEgypt Cairo, Egypt
Hurghada, EgyptEgypt Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
Luxor, EgyptEgypt Cairo, Egypt
Luxor, EgyptEgypt Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
Marsa Alam, EgyptEgypt Cairo, Egypt
Sharm El Sheik, EgyptEgypt Cairo, Egypt
Sharm El Sheik, EgyptEgypt Hurghada, Egypt
Sharm El Sheik, EgyptEgypt Luxor, Egypt

Regional Egyptair flights within Africa?

From To
Cairo, EgyptNigeria Abuja, Nigeria
Cairo, EgyptGhana Accra, Ghana
Cairo, EgyptEthiopia Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Cairo, EgyptAlgeria Algiers, Algeria
Cairo, EgyptLibya Benghazi, Libya
Cairo, EgyptMorocco Casablanca, Morocco
Cairo, EgyptTanzania Dar Es Sallaam, Tanzania
Cairo, EgyptUganda Entebbe, Uganda
Cairo, EgyptSouth Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Cairo, EgyptNigeria Kano, Nigeria
Cairo, EgyptSudan Khartoum, Sudan
Cairo, EgyptNigeria Lagos, Nigeria
Cairo, EgyptKenya Nairobi, Kenya
Cairo, EgyptLibya Tripoli, Libya
Cairo, EgyptTunisia Tunis, Tunisia

International destinations for Egyptair?

From To
Cairo, EgyptUnited Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Cairo, EgyptJordan Amman, Jordan
Cairo, EgyptNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cairo, EgyptEritrea Asmara, Eritrea
Cairo, EgyptGreece Athens, Greece
Cairo, EgyptBahrain Bahrain, Bahrain
Cairo, EgyptThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Cairo, EgyptSpain Barcelona, Spain
Cairo, EgyptChina Beijing, China
Cairo, EgyptLebanon Beirut, Lebanon
Cairo, EgyptGermany Berlin, Germany
Cairo, EgyptBelgium Brussels, Belgium
Cairo, EgyptHungary Budapest, Hungary
Cairo, EgyptDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Cairo, EgyptSyria Damascus, Syria
Cairo, EgyptSaudi Arabia Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Cairo, EgyptQatar Doha, Qatar
Cairo, EgyptUnited Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Cairo, EgyptGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Cairo, EgyptSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Cairo, EgyptChina Guangzhou, China
Cairo, EgyptTurkey Istanbul, Turkey
Cairo, EgyptSaudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Cairo, EgyptKuwait Kuwait, Kuwait
Cairo, EgyptCyprus Larnaca, Cyprus
Cairo, EgyptUK London, UK
Cairo, EgyptSaudi Arabia Madinah, Saudi Arabia
Cairo, EgyptSpain Madrid, Spain
Cairo, EgyptMalta Malta, Malta
Cairo, EgyptItaly Milan, Italy
Cairo, EgyptRussia Moscow, Russia
Cairo, EgyptIndia Mumbai, India
Cairo, EgyptGermany Munich, Germany
Cairo, EgyptOman Muscat, Oman
Cairo, EgyptUnited States New York, United States
Cairo, EgyptSyria Palmyra, Syria
Cairo, EgyptFrance Paris, France
Cairo, EgyptSaudi Arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Cairo, EgyptItaly Rome, Italy
Cairo, EgyptYemen Sanaa, Yemen
Cairo, EgyptUnited Arab Emirates Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Cairo, EgyptAustria Vienna, Austria
Luxor, EgyptKuwait Kuwait, Kuwait
Luxor, EgyptUK London, UK
Sharm El Sheik, EgyptUK London, UK
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