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Air France discounted European fares

Tuesday 16 Jun 2009 9:48pm

Air France has had some bad press recently with the recent Brazilian crash where one of its planes disappeared off the radar and crashed into the sea. Statistically, flying is extremely safe and you have more chance of being knocked down crossing the road that being killed in a plane. Millions of miles are flown every year around out planet, and there are a very small number of incidents. Whether they are trying to keep people flying or whether its just Air France's summer marketing, but they have some discounted fares/tickets for European flights over the coming months. The offers below are valid up to 8th July and travel must be between now and 30th November. Fares to Paris Heathrow - From £89 Return Bristol - From £89 Return Southampton - From £79 Return Birmingham - From £79 Return Manchester - From £79 Return Newcastle - From £99 Return Edinburgh - From £99 Return Aberdeen - From £169 Return Deals from London City (travel 14 July 09 - 06 Sep 09) Paris - From £99 Return Dundee - From £129 Return Dublin - From £99 Return Strasbourg - From £130 Return Europe Deals Fares from Heathrow/ London City Airport/ Southampton For Bristol/Birmingham/Newcastle/Manchester/Edinburgh Add £10 For Aberdeen Add £30 Bordeaux / Milan/ Istanbul / Toulouse / Montpellier/ Sofia - From £149 Return Athens / Malaga / Barcelona / Bologna / Bucharest / Florence / Helsinki / Lisbon / Ljubljana / Madrid / Naples/ Prague / Pisa / Roma / Venice / Verona / Zurich / Clermont Ferrand / Lourdes Tarbes / Lyon / Marseille - From £159 Return Tunis / Rabat / Casablanca / Algiers / Tel Aviv - From £259 Return


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