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Mini-Guide To Bahrain

Bahrain is an archipelago in the Persian Gulf, between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is liberal compared to most Muslim countries. As such, it is not as strict with applying Islamic law on the non-Muslims, though it still seems authentically Arab. To get to Bahrain, one can travel by car or bus, but airplane is the most direct. Their airport is the hub for Gulf Air, and there are many airlines that fly passengers and cargo in and out of this airport.

Local Airports In Bahrain

While in Bahrain, visit a local suk, which is a marketplace with jewelry, tailors, and various gifts. Another interesting thing to do while visiting Bahrain is to visit the Bahrain currency museum. There are samples of coins that were circulated in the country, and also Indian and Gulf banknotes. There are also official documents that were created by the Bahrain Monetary Agency about the use of Bahraini banknotes and coins, with enough information and photographs about the role of the Agency. One can also visit a renovated pearl merchant's home, or the excavations at Saar, which is a 4000 year old town. There have been a lot of artifacts found in that town, and some of them are on display at the Bahrain National Museum. One item on display is a perfectly preserved pearl, claimed to be the world's oldest. The Muharraq Museum may be small, but it has a lot of fascinating archaeological finds that tell of the island's past. It has an in depth manuscript section, which includes well-illustrated texts in Arabic and English, drawings and photographs, and several beautiful, calligraphy copies of the Quran. They also have a large section of traditional costumes and other items, including some models of pearl divers and pearl boats.

Who flies to Bahrain?

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