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Oman Air

Oman Air is based in Oman, Asia

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Domestic Oman Air flights within Oman?

From To
Muscat, OmanOman Salalah, Oman
Salalah, OmanOman Muscat, Oman

Regional Oman Air flights within Asia?

From To
Muscat, OmanUnited Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Muscat, OmanJordan Amman, Jordan
Muscat, OmanBahrain Bahrain, Bahrain
Muscat, OmanIndia Bangalore, India
Muscat, OmanThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Muscat, OmanLebanon Beirut, Lebanon
Muscat, OmanIndia Calicut, India
Muscat, OmanIndia Chennai, India
Muscat, OmanIndia Cochin, India
Muscat, OmanSri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka
Muscat, OmanSaudi Arabia Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Muscat, OmanIndia Delhi, India
Muscat, OmanQatar Doha, Qatar
Muscat, OmanUnited Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Muscat, OmanIndia Hyderabad, India
Muscat, OmanIndia Jaipur, India
Muscat, OmanSaudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Muscat, OmanPakistan Karachi, Pakistan
Muscat, OmanNepal Kathmandu, Nepal
Muscat, OmanMalaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Muscat, OmanKuwait Kuwait, Kuwait
Muscat, OmanPakistan Lahore, Pakistan
Muscat, OmanIndia Lucknow, India
Muscat, OmanIndia Mumbai, India
Muscat, OmanSaudi Arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Muscat, OmanIndia Trivandrum, India
Salalah, OmanUnited Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates

International destinations for Oman Air?

From To
Muscat, OmanEgypt Cairo, Egypt
Muscat, OmanTanzania Dar Es Sallaam, Tanzania
Muscat, OmanGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Muscat, OmanUnited States Iowa, United States
Muscat, OmanUK London, UK
Muscat, OmanMaldives Male, Maldives
Muscat, OmanItaly Milan, Italy
Muscat, OmanGermany Munich, Germany
Muscat, OmanFrance Paris, France
Muscat, OmanTanzania Zanzibar, Tanzania
Muscat, OmanSwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland
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