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Mini-Guide To Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay is a city which is possibly unlike any other in the world. Here you will find a city of contrasts, with incredibly beautiful buildings and some quite wealthy people, but you will also see some grinding poverty, which can seem wholly incongruous, as people beg and plead for money. Mumbai as an area seems to have been first inhabited as early as BC 250, when some humans did have a settlement there. As a city it first came into existence in around the 16th Century. It therefore has quite a rich and varied history and there are still British influences to be seen here and some of the attitudes and culture, does still have a British tinge to it, despite it being so long since India was granted' its independence. It is a city with over 16 million people and it seems to grow daily, as more people head in from the villages, in search of work.

Local Airports In Mumbai

The climate in Mumbai is tropical and unlike other parts of the world, Mumbai basically has two seasons: the humid season and the dry season. The humid season lasts from about March till October, the rest being the dry season. The monsoon season tends to be from June to September, so avoid visiting during this time. Mumbai has a good public transport system, with a railway system operating above ground, a good bus system and of course motorised rickshaws as well as taxis, ferries and even hovercrafts. English is widely spoken and understood in Mumbai, so communication should not be a problem. There is an astonishing range of things to do in Mumbai. It is often referred to as a city that never sleeps and indeed, the pace of life is so energetic that it does almost seem frenetic. One thing you should do is try to take in some of the architecture in Mumbai, since it really seems to be steeped in another age and so reminiscent of English Victorian architecture. The Gateway of India is the most amazing 26 metre high arch which was the first sight which greeted people arriving by boat and was built in 1911 to honour the visit of King George V to Bombay. It is an amazing structure. Also make sure that you visit the Victoria Railways station, which again is very impressive and grand. Take a trip to Chowpatty Beach. Here you will find all sorts of sights that you can only see in India. There are snake charmers, masseurs, monkey trainers and people selling anything you can imagine. It is an excellent taste of the culture of the city. At night you should also take to the streets to soak up the culture and the amazing lifestyle of Mumbai and enjoy all the different sights, smells and sounds as people go about their business in their own fashion. A truly amazing city! Who flies to Mumbai? Many international airlines fly to Mumbai, including Virgin Air, British Airways etc.

Who flies to Mumbai?

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