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Thai Airways Thai-Airways

Thai Airways is based in Thailand, Asia

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Domestic Thai Airways flights within Thailand?

From To
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Chiang Mai, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Chiang Rai, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Hat Yai, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Khon Kaen, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Koh Samui, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Krabi, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Phuket, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Surathani, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandThailand Udon Thani, Thailand
Chiang Mai, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Chiang Mai, ThailandThailand Phuket, Thailand
Chiang Rai, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Hat Yai, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Khon Kaen, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Koh Samui, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Krabi, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Phuket, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Surathani, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Ubon Ratchathani, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Udon Thani, ThailandThailand Bangkok, Thailand

Regional Thai Airways flights within Asia?

From To
Bangkok, ThailandIndia Bangalore, India
Bangkok, ThailandChina Beijing, China
Bangkok, ThailandIndia Calcutta, India
Bangkok, ThailandChina Chengdu, China
Bangkok, ThailandIndia Chennai, India
Bangkok, ThailandSri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka
Bangkok, ThailandIndia Delhi, India
Bangkok, ThailandIndonesia Denpasar, Indonesia
Bangkok, ThailandBangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bangkok, ThailandUnited Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Bangkok, ThailandJapan Fukuoka, Japan
Bangkok, ThailandChina Guangzhou, China
Bangkok, ThailandVietnam Hanoi, Vietnam
Bangkok, ThailandVietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Bangkok, ThailandChina Hong Kong, China
Bangkok, ThailandIndia Hyderabad, India
Bangkok, ThailandIndonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
Bangkok, ThailandPakistan Karachi, Pakistan
Bangkok, ThailandNepal Kathmandu, Nepal
Bangkok, ThailandMalaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bangkok, ThailandChina Kunming, China
Bangkok, ThailandPakistan Lahore, Pakistan
Bangkok, ThailandPhilippines Manila, Philippines
Bangkok, ThailandIndia Mumbai, India
Bangkok, ThailandJapan Nagoya, Japan
Bangkok, ThailandJapan Osaka, Japan
Bangkok, ThailandCambodia Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Bangkok, ThailandSouth Korea Pusan, South Korea
Bangkok, ThailandSouth Korea Seoul, South Korea
Bangkok, ThailandChina Shanghai, China
Bangkok, ThailandSingapore Singapore, Singapore
Bangkok, ThailandTaiwan Taipei, Taiwan
Bangkok, ThailandJapan Tokyo, Japan
Bangkok, ThailandLaos Vientiane, Laos
Bangkok, ThailandChina Xiamen, China
Bangkok, ThailandMyanmar Yangon, Myanmar
Phuket, ThailandChina Hong Kong, China
Phuket, ThailandSouth Korea Seoul, South Korea

International destinations for Thai Airways?

From To
Bangkok, ThailandNew Zealand Auckland, New Zealand
Bangkok, ThailandAustralia Brisbane, Australia
Bangkok, ThailandBelgium Brussels, Belgium
Bangkok, ThailandDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Bangkok, ThailandGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Bangkok, ThailandUnited States Iowa, United States
Bangkok, ThailandSouth Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Bangkok, ThailandUK London, UK
Bangkok, ThailandUnited States Los Angeles, United States
Bangkok, ThailandSpain Madrid, Spain
Bangkok, ThailandAustralia Melbourne, Australia
Bangkok, ThailandItaly Milan, Italy
Bangkok, ThailandRussia Moscow, Russia
Bangkok, ThailandGermany Munich, Germany
Bangkok, ThailandNorway Oslo, Norway
Bangkok, ThailandFrance Paris, France
Bangkok, ThailandAustralia Perth, Australia
Bangkok, ThailandItaly Rome, Italy
Bangkok, ThailandSweden Stockholm, Sweden
Bangkok, ThailandAustralia Sydney, Australia
Bangkok, ThailandSwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland
Phuket, ThailandAustralia Perth, Australia
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