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Mini-Guide To Seoul

A Tiger Economy is apt to describe the capital of Korea, Seoul. Seoul was something of a Hermit Kingdom when it was the capital of the Yi Dynasty. Today, it has unbelievably risen to become one of the renowned cities in a lot of fields, especially in sports and commerce. Back in the 16th to 17th centuries, the city had been destroyed by invasions of the Japanese and Manchu. The city was crushed during the Korean War. Thus, now that it is rising up again, almost everything or every structure is modern. You'll find high-rise buildings and freeways made of 12 lanes. Still, the city of Seoul was once a home of pagodas, temples, palaces, and many historic structures. However, even if these historic sites would have attracted much more tourists, the city still has a lot of places waiting to be discovered. The remnants of the ancient land of Seoul now coexist with the modern and cutting-edge environment the city has. There are many things to do and to see here. There's the great Korean food that you should try and there's also the popular sport of rock climbing to get a great view of the whole city. Though Seoul is a fast-paced city and has become a city that never sleeps, it still has that side that's relaxing and inviting. Learn more about it below.

Local Airports In Seoul

Seoul is a vibrant city. So, expect a busy and packed placed during holidays and festivities. Although it would also be fun to partake in the city's festivals and events, you would be able to save more money if you go during the off peak season. Not only will you be able to avoid the jam packed attractions and destinations, you'll also avoid high accommodation rates during the holidays. Even Lunar New Year is a very busy time in Seoul. Now, let's plan a fun day in the city of Seoul. Once you're in the city, expect a lot of eating, drinking, and wild partying. Start your day by trying their spicy cold noodle. One place to go for delicious treats is at the Namdaemun market. Also, keep in mind that Koreans have a lot of eating customs and traditions. If they find the food delicious, they slurp on the bowl making a sound as they eat. It is also to show that the food is good and to let the cook know they enjoyed it. Aside from the Namdaemun market, there's also the Samwon Garden, which has delicious barbecues. Along Myeong Dong is where you'll find restaurants and teashops. While you're here, don't forget to try their very own Soju, a vodka-like liquor. Now, once you've satisfied your hunger, it's time to check out some of the shopping and entertainment areas in the city. The Apgujeong is the district for the celebrities of Seoul. It's not just a commercial center but is also a shrine to the Korean cult of beauty. You can also stroll along Seoul Tower where you'll find a number of bathhouses, very common in Korea. Aside from that, other places of interest include the Sandy Skogland at the Gallery Kong, the Magnetic City Hall, Flash Cube in the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, and Mount Namsan among many other tourist attractions.

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