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Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines is based in Philippines, Asia

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Domestic Philippine Airlines flights within Philippines?

From To
Bacolod, PhilippinesPhilippines Manila, Philippines
Cebu, PhilippinesPhilippines Manila, Philippines
Davao, PhilippinesPhilippines Manila, Philippines
Iloilo, PhilippinesPhilippines Manila, Philippines
Legaspi, PhilippinesPhilippines Manila, Philippines
Manila, PhilippinesPhilippines Bacolod, Philippines
Manila, PhilippinesPhilippines Cebu, Philippines
Manila, PhilippinesPhilippines Davao, Philippines
Manila, PhilippinesPhilippines Iloilo, Philippines
Manila, PhilippinesPhilippines Legaspi, Philippines
Manila, PhilippinesPhilippines Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Manila, PhilippinesPhilippines Tagbilaran, Philippines
Manila, PhilippinesPhilippines Zamboanga, Philippines
Puerto Princesa, PhilippinesPhilippines Manila, Philippines
Tagbilaran, PhilippinesPhilippines Manila, Philippines
Zamboanga, PhilippinesPhilippines Manila, Philippines

Regional Philippine Airlines flights within Asia?

From To
Cebu, PhilippinesSouth Korea Seoul, South Korea
Cebu, PhilippinesJapan Tokyo, Japan
Manila, PhilippinesThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Manila, PhilippinesChina Beijing, China
Manila, PhilippinesJapan Fukuoka, Japan
Manila, PhilippinesVietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Manila, PhilippinesChina Hong Kong, China
Manila, PhilippinesIndonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
Manila, PhilippinesMacau Macao, Macau
Manila, PhilippinesJapan Nagoya, Japan
Manila, PhilippinesJapan Osaka, Japan
Manila, PhilippinesSouth Korea Pusan, South Korea
Manila, PhilippinesSouth Korea Seoul, South Korea
Manila, PhilippinesChina Shanghai, China
Manila, PhilippinesSingapore Singapore, Singapore
Manila, PhilippinesTaiwan Taipei, Taiwan
Manila, PhilippinesJapan Tokyo, Japan
Manila, PhilippinesChina Xiamen, China

International destinations for Philippine Airlines?

From To
Manila, PhilippinesGuam Guam, Guam
Manila, PhilippinesUnited States Honolulu, United States
Manila, PhilippinesUnited States Los Angeles, United States
Manila, PhilippinesAustralia Melbourne, Australia
Manila, PhilippinesUnited States San Francisco, United States
Manila, PhilippinesAustralia Sydney, Australia
Manila, PhilippinesCanada Vancouver, Canada
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