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Popular destinations for Stag and Hen weekends

Saturday 14 Jun 2008 1:03pm

UK travellers are travelling to Eastern Europe and Amsterdam for their stag or hen weekends as the cheap flights and cheap alcohol make it extremely popular for those want to celebrate before getting married. Bratislava, Prague and Amsterdam are the top three destinations. Dublin and Riga are also on the popular list with both men and women, although studies show that men are more likely to spend more on their Stag weekend and women preferring to spend the money on a better wedding dress or making the wedding day more special. A company who organises stag and hen weekends said 'I think that's all to do with ladies liking to get shoes, a hat and a dress, whereas a chap just gets his suit out of his wardrobe that he wore to his last mate's wedding. Women would rather spend their money on their outfit for the wedding. ' Its estimated that as much as 70% of stag and hen parties would prefer to be held abroad rather than in the UK.

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