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Ryanair cuts flights from Stansted by 40 percent

Tuesday 21 Jul 2009 12:23pm

Cheap flight airline Ryanair has disputed the high costs at Stansted airport for a long time, and now its taken action. From October this year, the airline will reduce flights by 40% due to the high landing charges imposed by airport owner BAA. Between October and March, the number of Ryanair aircraft operating from the airport will reduce to 24, resulting in 2. 5 million less passengers using the airport over the winter period. Dublin is the other airport that Ryanair are reducing services - both Dublin and Stansted are its too most expensive airports to operate services from. The airline is also highly critical of the UK government's increase in air passenger duty from £10 to £11 despite the number of passengers flying having declined. Other European governments have scrapped similar taxes to try and stimulate tourism. Despite cutting back services at Stansted, Ryanair still fly to over 400 routes across Europe.

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