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Flying Abroad guide to Zante

Sunday 23 Feb 2014 1:18pm

Zante (also called Zakynthos) is the third largest Ionian island. Some of the Ionian Islands have a party reputation while others are more family-oriented, with Zante falling somewhere in the middle. It has become a popular destination for many people because of its beautiful beaches to the east and west, and its sheer mountains and cliffs to the west and north coasts. The island also has many cute villages and small towns that are full of quaint restaurants and lovely tavernas. There is one airport on the island of Zante (airport code ZTH) which is located on the southern end of the island. Both domestic and international flights are catered to at the airport. However, most of the international flights are chartered flights from European cities during the holiday season which is from May – October. Once you are on the island you have a few different choices for transport. The first option is to take buses between the busier parts of the island. However, the buses can sometimes be difficult to find and unreliable. There are also taxis on the island which are not terribly expensive. If you plan to do a bit of sightseeing, your best option is to rent a car. There are plenty of rental companies around and you can get a vehicle for a decent price. One of the sites that should not be missed is the Blue Caves on the north coast of the island. The white rocks of the cliffs plunge into the most beautiful blue-coloured waters below and form natural arches. You also won’t want to miss the shipwreck on the west coast of Zante at Navagio beach. Also be sure to visit the endangered Caretta sea turtles that live on the island. There are many beautiful beaches on the island, so take some time to drive around, explore and see where the roads take you. Because Zante is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination, there are more and more restaurants serving English food. However, there are still some great places to get traditional Greek food. Be sure to check out different tavernas that are off the beaten path for an authentic meal. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs in the towns that range from sleepy beach bars to loud dance clubs pumping music all night. Zante is a lovely place to visit any time of the year due to the temperate weather. The winters are generally mild, but expect quite a bit of rain. The summer is hot and warm, but it can also rain in the summer which means humidity levels are high. Zante is a unique island that has a mix of lovely towns and breathtaking landscapes and beaches. Be sure to fly into Zante to start your trip and then explore from there. You’ll be able to rent small boats to explore nearby islands or hop on the ferry for longer trips. This is one island that is not to be missed.

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