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Finnair is based in Finland, Europe

Reservations: 0870 241 4411

Website: Finnair

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Domestic Finnair flights within Finland?

From To
Helsinki, FinlandFinland Ivalo, Finland
Helsinki, FinlandFinland Joensuu, Finland
Helsinki, FinlandFinland Kittila, Finland
Helsinki, FinlandFinland Kuopio, Finland
Helsinki, FinlandFinland Kuusamo, Finland
Helsinki, FinlandFinland Oulu, Finland
Helsinki, FinlandFinland Rovaniemi, Finland
Helsinki, FinlandFinland Vaasa, Finland
Ivalo, FinlandFinland Helsinki, Finland
Ivalo, FinlandFinland Kittila, Finland
Joensuu, FinlandFinland Helsinki, Finland
Kittila, FinlandFinland Helsinki, Finland
Kittila, FinlandFinland Ivalo, Finland
Kuopio, FinlandFinland Helsinki, Finland
Kuusamo, FinlandFinland Helsinki, Finland
Oulu, FinlandFinland Helsinki, Finland
Rovaniemi, FinlandFinland Helsinki, Finland
Vaasa, FinlandFinland Helsinki, Finland

Regional Finnair flights within Europe?

From To
Helsinki, FinlandNetherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Helsinki, FinlandSpain Barcelona, Spain
Helsinki, FinlandGermany Berlin, Germany
Helsinki, FinlandBelgium Brussels, Belgium
Helsinki, FinlandHungary Budapest, Hungary
Helsinki, FinlandDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Helsinki, FinlandGermany Dusseldorf, Germany
Helsinki, FinlandRussia Ekaterinburg, Russia
Helsinki, FinlandGermany Frankfurt, Germany
Helsinki, FinlandSwitzerland Geneva, Switzerland
Helsinki, FinlandSweden Gothenburg Landvetter, Sweden
Helsinki, FinlandGermany Hamburg, Germany
Helsinki, FinlandUkraine Kiev, Ukraine
Helsinki, FinlandUK London, UK
Helsinki, FinlandSpain Madrid, Spain
Helsinki, FinlandSpain Malaga, Spain
Helsinki, FinlandUK Manchester, UK
Helsinki, FinlandItaly Milan, Italy
Helsinki, FinlandRussia Moscow, Russia
Helsinki, FinlandGermany Munich, Germany
Helsinki, FinlandNorway Oslo, Norway
Helsinki, FinlandFrance Paris, France
Helsinki, FinlandCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Helsinki, FinlandItaly Rome, Italy
Helsinki, FinlandRussia St. Petersburg, Russia
Helsinki, FinlandSweden Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, FinlandEstonia Tallinn, Estonia
Helsinki, FinlandAustria Vienna, Austria
Helsinki, FinlandLithuania Vilnius, Lithuania
Helsinki, FinlandPoland Warsaw, Poland
Helsinki, FinlandSwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland

International destinations for Finnair?

From To
Helsinki, FinlandThailand Bangkok, Thailand
Helsinki, FinlandChina Beijing, China
Helsinki, FinlandIndia Delhi, India
Helsinki, FinlandUnited Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Helsinki, FinlandChina Hong Kong, China
Helsinki, FinlandJapan Nagoya, Japan
Helsinki, FinlandUnited States New York, United States
Helsinki, FinlandJapan Osaka, Japan
Helsinki, FinlandSouth Korea Seoul, South Korea
Helsinki, FinlandChina Shanghai, China
Helsinki, FinlandSingapore Singapore, Singapore
Helsinki, FinlandJapan Tokyo, Japan
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