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Mini-Guide To India India

India is a place full of contrasts and differences. Here, you can see both the sprawl of urban cities and the remote and distant villages which all seem to have been forgotten by time. With India emerging as a growing power and with a burgeoning middle class, now is definitely the time to visit, to witness a nation which is slowly rising to prominence and becoming much more confident about its place on the international stage.

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Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is the capital of India and a great place to start off on any trip. It is best avoided during the months of June till September, since monsoons are likely at this time. Mumbai is big with over 16 million inhabitants, a figure which grows almost daily. You should also be aware that this is a country where there are great contrasts between rich and poor and the poverty can at times, seem overwhelming. But otherwise, it is a fantastic country to visit. Delhi is also well worth a visit. It is a real transport ‘hub’ because you can catch connections to all parts of India from here. Like Mumbai it is also a large city and has around 13 million people in it. September is best avoided by travellers to Delhi, since this can be monsoon season. Again, like Mumbai, there are lots of ancient sites to be seen here, with three World Heritage sites in the city. One of the most beautiful buildings is the Masjid-I-Jahan Numa, one of the largest mosques in India. India as a whole, has an excellent public transport system, with a very comprehensive railway system, a good bus system and of course motorised rickshaws as well as taxis, ferries, etc Who flies to India? Most international airlines fly to this country, including KLM, Virgin Air, and British Airways, among others.