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Mini-Guide To Luxor

Luxor is a fantastic place to visit, whether for a few days or a full fortnight, you will undoubtedly be enchanted by this city which is often referred to as the world's largest open air museum. For this is an area simply brimming with history, located near the River Nile and for thousands of years has been viewed as a dream destination and this reputation is as strong today as it ever was. One of the most arresting sights in Luxor is the Temple of Luxor which was built by Amenophis lll thousands of years ago, yet even by modern standards it is awesome.

Local Airports In Luxor

You will also need to make time to visit the Luxor Museum with its fascinating collection of local artefacts. These help to put into perspective just how powerful and influential (as well as sophisticated) the Ancient Egyptians really were. Stop off at the Mummification Museum to learn more about all this amazing process and then just head outwards to see some of the amazing ancient buildings and relics, which quite simply, are scattered throughout this fascinating region. From the Temple of Karnak and its most beautiful entrance, to ancient souks and mosques, as well as the Valley of the Kings, you really will feel as if you are stepping back to another age. Yet you will also find all the modern day facilities which you would expect in a really interesting location, so in effect you get the best of all worlds. Flights to Luxor from the UK are available from British Airways, KLM and charter flight operators often sell cheap tickets, direct to Luxor.

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