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Stansted Airport to bring the world to the 2012 Olympics

Tuesday 01 Dec 2009 7:54am

According to a business expert, people flying into Stansted Airport for the London 2012 Olympic games will 'bring the eyes of the world' to the airport. David Johnston, managing director of Stansted Airport spoke at an Employment Forum recently and added that thousands of people would be arriving at Stansted for the games. Mr Johnston explained that the increased passenger traffic generated by the 2012 games was a 'fantastic opportunity for businesses in the airport. ' 'Here at Stansted we must make sure we pull together to get the most out of the Olympics coming to London. But we cannot succeed without a hard working and committed workforce,' Mr Johnston continued. Project manager for Visit Britain's Welcome to Britain programme, Kim Winter, said that air travel would be the key to bringing hundreds of thousands of extra visitors to England for the games. Ms Winter added that it was important for Stansted to make a good impression on these visitors because it could lead to an increase in visitor numbers of up to three per cent for the year. Mr Johnston's and Ms Winter's comments follow and announcement from Stansted's operator BAA that Heathrow and Stansted will benefit from a £200 million cash boost. Traditionally, many budget airlines including easyJet and Ryanair have been based at Stanstead airport.

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