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An Exciting Tourist Destination Exotic Croatia

Saturday 06 Nov 2010 9:35am

Croatia continues to be a favorite destination for holiday vacationers, demonstrated by the fact that many people are eager to find flights to this beautiful country. A great many vacationers continue to book flights to Dubrovnik as well as Zagreb, making the Adriatic coast a strong favorite with these travelers. Vacationers from the British Isles are searching for new and exotic locales to visit, as recent tourist trends indicate, so the news of increased travel to Croatia is no fluke. Croatia has many of the same features that attract many tourists to Spain, including its temperate climate and beautiful coast lines, but adds its unique cultural heritage to these attractions. For those looking for some aquatic fun, sailing on the Adriatic sea is an excellent way to enjoy it when visiting this exotic locale nestled in the eastern part of Europe. The number of passengers demanding flights to Croatia has resulted in an increase in the number of carriers flying to what remains a popular tourist destination. Some of the airlines offering flights to Croatia out of a number of British airports include British Airways, Easy Jet, and Croatia Airlines. Because of the excellent array of competitive fares that travelers can now obtain, it's only a quick hop, skip, and a jump from the British Isles to a sunny Croatian beach.

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