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Bmibabys New Flights Offer More Chances for Croatian Visitors

Tuesday 06 Jul 2010 8:09pm

Eastern Europe is thriving thanks to the dramatic increase in the number of visitors, and as such, Bmibaby has initiated a new flight to Dubrovnik in Croatia. Now, a greater number of people will be able to visit this well-known resort located on the Dalmatian coast. These flights will begin in 2011, and will offer direct flights from East Midlands Airport. People wanting to take vacations in the summer are buying up airline tickets as quickly as they can. Travelers who are looking to save some cash and reserve flights early, will find Bmibaby's announcement of new services to Croatia more than welcome. These flights can already be reserved, and will cost travelers a minimum of 42. 00 pounds for a one way ticket. EasyJet and British Airways already offer several flights from England to Croatia, so this new service will simply capitalize on the popularity of this coastal town by allowing more visitors access. There are many beautiful beaches, boating opportunities, and old buildings on the Dalmatian coast, particularly in Dubrovnik. As such, visitors will be pleased to have even more options when it comes to booking a flight to this wonderful location.

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