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Mini-Guide To Palma

Mallorca's major port and city is the city of Palma. In addition, Palma is also the capital of the Balearic Islands in the country of Spain, being the cultural and economic center in the island. You will find the city of Palma on the south coast of Mallorca near the Bay of Palma. Palma is a popular resort and commercial port at the same time. The city has a lot to offer tourists, including the best hotels, entertainment, and dining destinations in the island. In fact, it has been recognized as one of the best cities to live in Spain. Despite having that ancient cultural atmosphere, it has become a modern city attracting millions of tourists annually. It has boosted the tourism of the Balearic Islands with its scenic views and must-see attractions. Some of the places of interest in the city of Palma are those by the port, such as the Stock Exchange, Castle of Bellver and the Royal Palace among many others. But the most popular and top attraction in the city, is the Cathedral of Palma. It bears comparison with the largest and most beautiful Gothic cathedrals from all over the world. The Cathedral serves as the heart of the city, surrounded by the streets of Palma.

Local Airports In Palma

When you arrive in Palma, the first stop that you should make is the most important. Drop by the city's tourist center to get a free map with all the major attractions Palma has in store for you. The Cathedral, as previously mentioned, is the favorite tourist destination in the City of Palma. The Cathedral boasts of Gothic architecture dating from the 13th century. It was Jaime I who started the Gothic style that can still be seen today. The Cathedral features elegant columns with high arches that are very common with Gothic designed churches or cathedrals. The Cathedral of Palma is also known for the fascinating tombs inside. Some of the prominent personalities whose tombs can be found here are Jaime I and Jaime III of Mallorca. Another interesting feature is the Cathedral museum. Also, there's a lovely plaza square called the Parc de la Mar just opposite the entrance of the Cathedral. It features artistic sculptures and fountains. There are a lot of things to do while you're here because the Royal Residence during the Middle Ages is next to the Cathedral. What was once the Royal Residence, the Palau de l'Almudaina, is now a museum. Another interesting sight to see in Palma is the Castell de Bellver. It is truly a must-see attraction in the city. The Castell de Bellver was constructed in 1309 and is recognized as the single castle in the entire country to have a round design. It first served as the Royal Residence before it became a prison. You'll even find remnants of the graffiti written by the French prisoners during the war. Today, it's not only a historic site but is a principal museum as well. In fact, a number of concerts are held in the Castell de Bellver. While you are at Palma, discover the Arab Baths that have been in existence since the 10th century. These Arab Baths are at the east of the cathedral and you'll be fascinated with the gardens surrounding these baths.

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