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Mini-Guide To Russia Russia

Russia, as it is still referred to, or sometimes the Russian Federation is actually the biggest country in the world, which means that it is a country which varies in climate, culture and in geography, yet this is what makes it such an exciting country to visit. This country has emerged from its communist days to be a country slowly finding its feet and is moving towards free enterprise with capitalism now fully officially endorsed. Russia's aura is one of change, and to experience this air of awakening is very interesting.

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When planning your trip keep the weather in mind. Russian winters are particularly cold so you may wish to visit in the summertime, when the climate is a lot kinder. Moscow, the capital, is full of things to see. Check out its stunning architecture, cultural icons, great bars, and exciting nightlife. Also, think about visiting the Kremlin and Red Square, as they are some very important and iconic sights. You should also consider taking a trip to St Petersburg, which has a huge number of buildings of interest, as well as some beautiful canals and some very distinctive bridges. Russia is a relatively safe place to visit, but be careful when you are out and about, particularly at night. Petty crime and pick-pocketing are common. You don’t want to spoil a great trip to this fantastic culture by becoming a victim of crime, so take advice. Flights to Russia are relatively frequent. Lufthansa, Klm and BA all offer regular services to this country.