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Mini-Guide To Christchurch

Next to Auckland, Christchurch is considered to be the largest city in New Zealand. It is located on the east coast of the country. The name Christchurch came from Christ Church, a school in Oxford. The city was so named because of JR Godley who attended Christ Church. That name was settled upon during a meeting held in 1848. The city is located in the South Island of New Zealand and is in the center between Canterbury Plains and the Banks Peninsula. If one goes to the center of the city, which is one of the prime spots for tourists to visit, one should not miss the Cathedral Square. At the center of this square, Christ Church, an Anglican cathedral, stands majestically. It is not enough to name the city after a church in Oxford, there has to be a similar church in Christchurch. Around this Central Square, there are a number of businesses conducting operations. That is why it is also considered as the Central Business District of the city.

Local Airports In Christchurch

The climate in the city is temperate and is not very extreme although there is a tendency for strong winds and storms to blow in which can inflict damages to property. Even if the summer is hot, the breeze from the sea checks the hot weather so that the locals and tourists alike can still continue traversing the streets of the city and enjoy its views. If you have weak lungs, however, try getting a suitable mask because the smog levels in the city have attracted the attention of the World Health Organization. People that love history can definitely enjoy Christchurch. The cultural heritage of the aborigines and ethnic peoples who used to reside in Christchurch is now under the care of the Tamaki Heritage Village. The village can give more information about the Tamaki people, their lifestyle, their way of life, and bits and pieces of the history of the city. Likewise, experience a wildlife adventure by visiting the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. One won't have to worry about being jumped on by a kangaroo or being chased by a tiger or a lion. The Wildlife Reserve is safe and it is just near the city proper. Getting around the city is also fairly easy. Because the city's geography is mostly flat, one can use a bicycle to enjoy and experience Christchurch. Because of the recent problems with dirty air, the government is also promoting bicycling for a healthy lifestyle and reducing the pollution in the city. If you do not want to get tired, then the bus is another option to go around the city. This form of public transportation has undergone major changes and improvements in the past few years. A bus ride promises to be smooth and comfortable. There is also a tramway in the city. The tickets for the ride cost only $12.50 and will last for two days' worth of traveling around the city. Christchurch also resonates with the laidback lifestyle so common in Australia and New Zealand.

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