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Mini-Guide To Jersey

Despite being only 12 miles from the French coast, Jersey is part of the British Crown. Jersey is not directly part of the UK, nor the European Union. Along with Guernsey, it forms part of the Channel Islands. A population of almost 90,000 people live on the 45 square mile island.

Local Airports In Jersey

Jersey enjoys a very high GDP - income per person - of over GBP40,000. Finance, tourism and agriculture are the main employers on the island with over 60% of the economy coming from the dinance industry with the Island being on the leading offshore centres for banking. There is no VAT on the island, so all goods are often cheaper than the UK - making the island attractive to tourism from both Uk and France. However, from 2008, there are plans for VAT to be introduced on the island.

Who flies to Jersey?

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