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Mini-Guide To Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a fascinating place with its very British feel but with warm sunny skies and fantastic shopping (you don't pay VAT in Gibraltar, which makes the shopping very keenly priced). Known as The Rock or simply as Gib, this area has been inhabited since prehistoric times and has enjoyed a status afforded to it by being so strategically placed on the Iberian Peninsula.

Local Airports In Gibraltar

People here are very proud to be British and they have consistently opposed any move to transfer their rock' over to Spanish control. This results in an area which is almost more British than Britain and yet it is only around 2.64 km square miles in size! It does have some outstanding views and with its northern border with Spain, makes it an ideal place to explore Spain as well. Most of the area is actually a nature reserve and this is the home of the famous Barbary Macaques, the only wild monkeys which exist in Europe. In town the main activities surround shopping, eating and drinking as well as music. The food is very much Spanish and British influenced and this makes it the best of both worlds, since you can eat traditional food or very Mediterranean food, depending on your tastes. Maltese and Portuguese culinary influences have also helped shaped the food here and so it does have a very cosmopolitan feel to it. Pubs are also prevalent, with a real British' air about them, despite the warm temperatures and mild winters. So for a really interesting slant on Britain elsewhere' take a trip to the Rock and enjoy all its cultural nuances which can only be found here. It is very easy to get to the Rock, with flights regularly run by Monarch and British Airways.

Who flies to Gibraltar?

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