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Mini-Guide To Havana

Havana is a city which is vibrant and almost throbs with rumba music. It is alive, with an energy and passion which almost defies description. A really unique destination and one which will truly capture your very heart and soul. The climate is quite good all year round, although it can be quite hot and prone to rain during the months of May until October. Usually tourists visit during the winter season, which is effectively December until April. With a population of over 2 million it is not a small city, but somehow the people make the city seem small and friendly. It is only 170 kms south of Key West in Florida, about 106 miles, so it isn't as far away from the United States as you may think, which makes it much more accessible than people often believe it to be.

Local Airports In Havana

Old Havana is charmingly atmospheric. It is famed for its very narrow streets and is a residential area, which is very historic, but also home to some fantastic bars as well as some offices and small businesses. It is of such significance, that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vedado is a newer area but still vibrant, particularly at night and it is separated from the Old Havana by Centro Habana, a particularly good shopping area. The architecture in Havana is outstanding, with some terrific buildings on display, many of which were built by immigrants from Spain and the style and architecture is very much Spanish. There are some extremely detailed buildings with all sorts of small intricate designs in the classical and baroque style, designed very carefully to show just how wealthy the person who commissioned them was. For museum and art lovers, Havana also has some great museums to visit, with some very interesting exhibits. Many of which are quite different from other more European museums. There are a few internationally renowned galleries, which house some outstanding pieces of art, particularly works of fine art. There are a number of theatres in Havana, which all have a fantastic range of performances and show, from drama to opera. There are also some fabulous areas, not just Old Havana, but there is even a Chinatown, which is throbbing with various shops, restaurants and Chinese herbalists. A really culturally different experience, particularly when in Cuba! The nightlife in Havana is exceptional and the one thing you will soon learn is that these people really know how to enjoy themselves and have fun! The rumba is supreme in Havana and you must learn the dance when you are here (or at least try to). So for a fantastic holiday, with some really unique experiences and attractions, make sure that you check out all that Havana has to offer. It is simply an exquisite city! Who flies to Havana? Many operators fly to Havana on a regular basis. These include Virgin Air, British Airways and Cuba Jet.

Who flies to Havana?

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