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Mini-Guide To Cuba Cuba

Cuba is the biggest of the Caribbean islands and is only 90 miles, or 145 kms, to the south of Florida. This country is an island like no other and comes with a rich history and rich culture. If you are able, this is an important country to visit. There's nowhere else quite like it in the world. Cuba has a number of interesting cities. Havana is one of its most famous cities but Baracoa, once the capital, is also popular because it is beach-based. There is also Santiago de Cuba, which is a coastal city that oozes with strong Caribbean influences.

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Havana certainly has plenty of attractions, but to get the most out of a trip to Cuba, it is important to venture out into the island and absorb its unique culture. Bear in mind that this is quite a poor country and you should remember that flashing your money around is not a good idea: it could be a safety issue and it can be viewed as disrespectful. However, if you are careful and sensible, this is a safe, lovely country to visit. Baracoa is home to an amazing national park. This city's park has views of the stunning mountain called El Yunkue. This mountain is just a piece of the parks stunning scenery. Santiago de Cuba is a great place to visit, especially if you are after some great amenities. You should also visit Santa Clara. This city is home to the Mausoleum for Che Guevara and is well worth a visit, if only to say that you have seen it. Trinidad (the city) is a world famous UNESCO Heritage site, with some stunning waterfalls and fantastic scenery. Both cities and a stunning countryside are within easy reach to Cuba. The atmosphere is always buzzing, and it is a top destination for any culture. Many airlines fly to Cuba, including KLM and Virgin, amongst others.