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Who offers the best economy class seating

Tuesday 21 Sep 2010 8:39pm

Bigger is always better as they say, especially when it comes to airline seats and legroom. The majority of airlines offer 31 to 32 inches in seat pitch (the distance between each seat row) which some airlines get away with a paltry 29 to 30 inches. Best in class is around 33 to 34 inches. Airlines offering this much needed legroom in economy, especially on long-haul flights are as follows, with the good news being most of these operate from the UK. Qatar Airways - with UK flights to locations like Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore, and Tokyo. Kingfisher Airlines - offering the UK connection to destinations including Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai. Thai Airways - travels from London to a variety of locations, including Chiang Mai, Jakarta, Melbourne, Seoul, and Zagreb. Asiana Airlines - flies to 12 domestic Korean cities as well as 17 international locations, including Hanoi, Phuket, and Tokyo. Malaysia Airlines - flying to over 100 destinations worldwide, Malaysia Airlines is the UK's connection to such places as Auckland, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Shanghai, and Taipei. Saudi Arabian AirlinesArik AirAir China - from the UK, Air China flies throughout China, Europe, the Middle East, Austalasia, and North America. Garuda Indonesia - Garuda offers flights from London Heathrow and London Gatwick to Dhaka, Dubai, Kabul, and Kuala Lumpur. Korean Air - this airline's top seat economy rating is in addition to its awards for outstanding service. UK connections include Beijing, Atlanta, Moscow, and Sydney.

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