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Take a Trip to Dubai and Be a Guest in Guccis First Hotel

Friday 02 Jul 2010 7:38pm

Internationally known and lauded design brand Gucci has announced that they will begin to open their chain of hotels with the initial one being located in Dubai. As Dubai remains a favorite destination of tourists and revelers from around the globe, Gucci is likely intending to follow the lead of fellow Italian designer Giorgio Armani, who but a few months past started a hotel chain of their own. Following their iconic brand, the Elisabetta Gucci Hotels is anticipated to be an discriminating hotel with elegant amenities including pool, spa, fitness room, around the clock room service and a cigar club. United Kingdom travelers find Dubai to be a singularly prominent destination, permitting them to enjoy the luxuries that it has to offer while taking a vacation in a city unlike any that the majority of people have ever experienced. Given both business and premium economy class flights taking off throughout Britain, and with Gucci's intentions of developing additional hotels all over the Middle East, people seeking the finest of service and the most elegant settings should find the Elisabetta Gucci Hotels to be exactly what they desire.

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