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Dubai Could Become The Next Major Hot Spot For Thrifty Globe Trotting Tourists

Thursday 26 Aug 2010 8:32pm

Dubai is known for its luxury accommodations, night life, warm temperatures and clear waters. This makes it a very popular vacation destination with people who like to pamper themselves. These days however, our economy makes looking for deals and low-cost travel options a good idea. Luckily, the recent development explosion in Dubai makes for stiff competition among hotels looking to get your dollar so now is a great time to score some fabulous deals! Dubai's exotic location draws vacationers from all over the world to admire it's wealth and prestige. Fabulous shopping exists in the city's opulent malls, shopping areas and numerous souks where you can sample the best of everything. Dubai's temperatures tend to stay moderate, even during the excessive heat of Summer which makes for comfortable sun-bathing during the day and fabulous night life when the sun sets. Dubai's economy remains strong in these troubled times, resulting in a construction boom. A number of new hotels benefits the tourist by competing against each other for your patronage. The times close to Ramadan, or around August 11th, are great times to look for the best prices. Great Britain's London Heathrow and Birmingham airports sponsor many flights to Dubai and there are some great prices available for people who are willing to do a little comparison shopping. Check out the Jumeirah Beach hotel Sofitel for luxurious, 5 star surroundings that you can book for under $150 per night. Or check out the Amwaj Rotana for deals that bring you beautiful accommodations for as little as $95 per night if you are willing to reserve your rooms a week in advance. Dubai's tourism industry is expected to grow in the future, and companies are rushing to keep up with enough hotels so if you are looking for good deals, you are likely to find them here!

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