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Thailand best value for travllers

Friday 17 Sep 2010 5:41pm

The results of a CNN study reveal Thailand as the best value for money destination in the Asia Pacific region, for both business and holiday travellers. CNN asked consumers to complete a survery on their website, which 5,00 visitors did. Thailand came in first, with China and India coming in second and third respectively. Other information which the survery revealed:- more than half of people surveyed said they plan to travel more than they did during 2009 for holidays over the next 12 months- forty-six percent of business travellers indicated that the economic downturn has had no impact on their travel plans-seventy-nine percent of those surveyed who chose Thailand as their first choice of holiday destination said they would also be holidaying there within the next year. - average spend on a holiday in the Asia Pacific region was $4,000- seventy-one percent international surveyess said they would fly long-haul for their holiday on average taking 14 days holiday- forty percent of business travellers travel business or premium class an average of 5 times per yearFlights to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand are available through UK airports including London Heathrow, Edinburgh, and Cardiff.

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