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For the Perfect Autumn Getaway Try New England

Thursday 30 Sep 2010 8:17pm

In the United States, between the state of New York and the Atlantic Ocean, lies the lovely region called New England. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire are the states which lie within this area of the country. Pilgrims from England as well as many of the earliest Europeans to settle in America, came to New England. The UK traveller will find much to enjoy if they make New England their holiday destination. The beauty and vibrant colours of the scenery are what make New England so desirable to visitors. In the autumn months - Americans call this part of the year 'Fall' - blazing colors of orange, vibrant green, sunny yellow, and rich red blanket the land with beauty. You have never seen anything quite like the beautiful foliage. Rich traditions also abound. As New England is where America was born, you will enjoy learning during day trips and excursions about the early years of this region and how it played a big part in America's founding. If you are also yearning to shop and see a play, to see the big city lights, New York is a quick trip away. You can fly to New York not only from London Heathrow but from other of the major UK airports as well.

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